Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to remove or uninstall GRUB Loader in Windows 7.

Hi all
            I tried installing Linux and got hooked up with this innocent yet annoying GRUB loader. For those who doesn't have any idea of what the hell is GRUB Loader, here is a piece of info about it. GNU GRUB is a bootloader capable of loading a variety of free and proprietary operating systems. GRUB will work well with Linux, DOS, Windows, or BSD. GRUB stands for GRand Unified Bootloader. GRUB is dynamically configurable. This means that the user can make changes during the boot time, which include altering existing boot entries, adding new, custom entries, selecting different kernels, or modifying intrid.  This means that if your computer has a fairly modern BIOS that can access more than 8GB of hard disk space, GRUB will automatically be able to access all of it. GRUB can be run from or be installed to any device (floppy disk, hard disk, CD-ROM, USB drive, network drive) and can load operating systems from just as many locations, including network drives. It can also decompress operating system images before booting them.
            So, successfully I installed GRUB Loader, but don't know really how to use it. So, Whenever I start my system, instead of loading Windows, it will end up with GRUB Loader screen. It would be fun to use it, when you really know how to use it. But for me it looked like piece of shit which has to be cleaned. So, how to uninstall it. I was puzzled, searched in net for the solution. Nothing worked. Finally tried the combination and found out the solution.

      1. Go to BIOS Settings and set first boot device as CDROM. Insert the Windows 7 installation/Upgrade disc in the CD drive, and then restart the computer.     
      2. You will be shown a message saying "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Press the key which you like the most.
      3. Setup will start and windows will load the files and will prompt a dialogue box. Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then click Next.
      4. You will find "Install Now" in the middle and "Repair your computer" at the left bottom. Click Repair your computer.
      5. Click the operating system that you want to repair Windows 7 in this case, and then click Next.     
      6. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt which you will find it as a last option.
      7. Command prompt will open with system reserved drive with
Press Enter. You will see "Operation completed successfully." It won't even take a second.      
      8. And your next command will be this -
Press Enter. You will see "Operation completed successfully." It won't even take a second.     
      9. Reboot and set First boot device as HDD again in the BIOS Settings.

Hurrah !!! You have successfully uninstalled GRUB Loader and your windows will load automatically the next time you restart. Happy reading..

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hi everyone,
          Which word in any language you have uttered the most ? Mom? Dad? Which word in any language you have heard the most? I am hearing this word very often, which should not be the word which you hear it often. I saw many videos and got inspired to write this post about "TERRORISM".

          I am unable to find the meaning of terrorism. Everyone has their own way of defining Terrorism.
Americans define it as the terror thing that people do in and around Afganistan, Iraq and other Islamic countries. Indians define it as what people do in Pakistan. Islamic countries define it as fight for freedom. A normal person defines it as a bomb blast in civilian home, gun shots in public place and lot many. As for as me, Terrorism is killing innocent. It may be an ant, an animal, a human and every living thing in the world.

         Dominance is the only word comes to my mind. You want to show others what you are capable of. You want to dominate others. Elder siblings dominate younger ones.Teachers dominate students. Seniors dominate juniors. These are little things which doesn't give greater impact. But think of a bigger image. A country wanted to dominate the other. Leads to Attacks, War and ultimately leading to TERRORISM.

TERRORIST - The one who performs terror acts. Lol. If you ask me, the one who stimulates a innocent to perform terror act is Terrorist. In that case, there are too many terrorist. 

         I would like to ask a general question. My question is "The word Terrorism reminds you of which country?". And your answer would be Afganistan, Iraq and all possible Islamic countries. Do you think only Islam countries are terrorism prone countries. Do you think Quran preaches terrorism whereas Bible and Bagavat Gita preaches peace. Never. What would you do if someone enter your house in the intention of acquiring it? Would you smile and say, "Take it, Everything I earned is for you." Would you dare to say that?
The same thing happens with country. Powerful countries enter into other nations in the intention of acquiring it. If they don't agree, you kill them, torture them to death. What will the innocent people do? Die. What will the daring people do? Fight for their country. Fight for their freedom. All Islamic countries do terror attacks thinking that they are fighting their freedom. But, they are not. All other countries fight against Islamic countries saying that they are suppressing terrorism by terrorism. Funny world. Funny people. 
         For those who say only Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan a terror country then I would say USA, Russia and world's dominating countries are terror countries in the world. Who made Islamic people terrorists? What made their blood rise and what made their country a terror country? If 9-11 attack was the worst attack in the world history, at the cost of so many civilians life, then what about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The so called dominant country in the world proudly said United States of America almost destroyed a country which grieved for destruction of two towers. I didnt mean to say that Twin Tower attack was right thing which Osama did. And Japanese people should be happy about it. I have seen videos and pictures of Japanese people grieving for Twin Tower attack. That's called humanity. Everyone must be knowing the term and association Taliban. Taliban is an arabic word meaning group of students. There are many misconception regarding this. Initially, Taliban is formed to defend themselves from Soviet and there is a misconception like Taliban was formed by USA and Taliban had even American soldiers. After soviet withdrew themselves, there was a big gap for power rising and the powerful succeeded. Now, it has become the world's most dangerous group for whom the world fears. Anywyas these I have just heard of and I am not sure of it. USA has done lots of peace creating treaties though. I don't want to talk much about history and don;t want to poke any of the country for their do. I am just a normal common man who wishes to see this world without war, without terror attacks, without fighting for land acround borders. When there are so many natural attacks happening why we want to kill ourselves and make this world a grave.

        I didn't write this post to say who is right or who is wrong. This post is not to depict who are terrorist and who are not. I am just a peace loving guy who wanted this whole world to be a peace loving place. When there are thousand reasons to love, why we are swinging by holding few reasons to hate. No one is going to gain anything by being superior. When you leave the world, you are just a piece of shit.
        I would like to end my post by sharing a video of an soldier talk who feels guilty of his job. And it was amazing to watch a soldier talk like that and really got goosebumps which made me to draft this post.

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