Monday, August 30, 2010

2009 and a Half

Hi Folks,

Here, I come up with another post, after a terrific blow I had from my dear friends who knew very well that I am not worth writing facts finding it. Still, they are having grudge on me for writing that post. I don’t mind though.. Anyways, here comes one more effective post. Some may think that its about them it has been potrayed, some may abuse me for stealing the story of theirs. But, fact is everywhere this is what happening. You copy, you get praised. Now, lets get back to what I am actually upto.

One sunny, yep.. its Chennai.. Ofcourse, it will be sunny.. Right.. One sunny early morning around 9am, a 21yrs old boy fully into a book called “Mobile Communication” by Bakshi. Background was a song from the tamil film Vaazhve Maayam - the lines goes like this.. “NAADAGAM VIDUM NERAM DHAN UCHA KAATCHI NADAKUDHU MA, MEDAI IRANGAVUM VESHAM KALAIKAVUM NERAM NERUNGUDHUMA….” Yes.. Situational song. The one reading the book was my friend Barani and the one singing the song would be.. yep yo got it… Its me.. It was around 9.50 am and we were into COPYRIGHT RESTRICTED ZONE.. Adhanga Examination hall… 10am everyone got Question paper. Till 10.30am, I was reading all the questions in question paper. WoW.. I know 3 full questions. Two 2 marks question and one 16 mark question. Then till 11am I was thinking what all questions shall I attend. Finaly, I started writing with great speed. I was writing writing writing writing till 11.30am. My hands started paining and my ink got over. So, I could not finish my paper and had to leave the hall. It was April 21,2009. That was my last exam of my engineering career. Results were announced in May,2009 and I was an Engineer officially. After seeing my results, Dad asked me “EPDI DA PASS AANA? “ I said “ EVALO VATI KETALUM INDHA KELVIKU MATUM ENKITA BADHILE ILA PAA….. “

Now sad scene. I felt bad for the first time in my lifetime for keeping fullstop to college life. How wonderful it was. Awesome class. Wonderful friends. Best lecturers. Tension-free life, one side love, double side love, teasings, sharings, sessions, labs, exams, practicals, punishments, only happiness was our taste of life. Podhu makkale thapa nenaika vendam.. I didnt feel bad really, not even a single bit. Infact I was the happiest one to leave college. Ena pandradhu cinema layu masala kekaranga, vaazhkailayu masala kekaranga.. Naalu fight, naalu song, naalu centiment scene, naalu comedy scene venum nu makkal pidivaadham pudikaranga.. Song, fight la vaka mudiyadhu.. Adhan centiment scene. Aye kadha mukiyam ilanga… No story needed. Adhan indha centiment scene.

May was the first month I spent more time at my home after a very long time, after I joined L.K.G I didnt get enough time to stay with my parents you know. May,2009 was the happiest month in the year 2009 1/2. My parents were happy. I was happy. My job that time was helpin my mom in kitchen, giving company to my mom in watching mega-serials, noon time naps. Helping my dad shave his beard, reading newspaper for him, dropping my sister and dad in their office and picking them up. Oops. My bro-in-law will be angry if I didnt mention him. Making his lunchbox ready, dropping him in his office and picking him back from office. My mom said ” You are very helpful and kind hearted. Lucky to have a child like you”.

June, the same continued with extra work. Downloading movies and watching it with my family, alone and with friends sometime. Routine job continued. No change. At the end of the month dad said ” What you gonna do in life?” First strike for me. Hands became stiff, nerves started protruding… Good taste of masala vadai.. Amma, dho vandhuten..

July, I was really busy because month by month extra burden, lots of responsibilities. Had to manage the previous works plus had to accompany my online friends in GAMING. Co-Op games. yeah… Very busy. My friends who got placed in good companies, called me and verupethified me and my parents. They made my parents blood raise. End of month sister said “Ne urupuda maata, olunga veli ooruku poi vela thedu. Apa dhan kashtam na ena nu theriyum.” Second strike. Waited for masala vadai smell, waited for oil bubbling sound… But, this time its train sound. Cut pana Arvind travelling to Bangalore in Bangalore Mail. Background song, ” ORU SOORAVELI KILAMBIYADHE.. RAJA THAANDAVAM THODANGIYADHE…. “ .

August, October, November, December in the year 2009 1/2 was really amazing months.. Spent daytime again with system and system only. No one to question me, lolz. Sola pona Raaja Vaazkai. Spent night time with a gang of guys who doesn’t know what TAMIL is. Lolz. yeah.. Everyone are from Andhra Pradesh Elugundala vaada venkataramana Govinda… I was like you know.. mouth locked. Namaku Engilipish arivu vera kammi dhana.. Ena nan soldradhu.. I walked telugu, I talked telugu, I sleeped telugu, I watched telugu, I lived telugu. Mind people all these happened in Bangalore, Karnataka, where they talk sleep watch live Kannada. December end, those who helped me in Bangalore said ” Dhandasoru saaptadhu podhum.. Ne ooruku kalambu, Kaathu varatum..” Third strike. This time its not masala vadai, its paayasam.. Aamanga AMMA laya… Pulaya pathu romba naal aagudhu nu vada payasathoda saapadu.

January,2010. Vaazkaila maraka mudiyadha naal. Enga appa ena thorathi thorathi adika, oore paatha naal. He he he.. Aamanga.. Endha appa ku dhan kovam varadhu.. I decided many things that day. 1st to get a good job, next munadiye vela kadacha ela friends ku revit adikardhu.. Revit.. revit you don’t know. Long nail keeping and striking with big hammer. Nembi la eduka mudiyadhu.. Yes. Sadha Arvind turned into Super Arvind. Started searching jobs. Registered in all possible jobsites. Applied even for stone breaking job. Adhanga kal udaikara vela. Mom said ” Oru maasam dhan, adhuku aparam na soru poda maaten” . Manasu valichudhu… :)

Feburary,2010. I roamed like a stray dog in all possible roads of Chennai, attended interviews in all possible companies. Edhukaga.. To earn money ? To gain status ? Nope. Moonu vela veetla soru kadaikanum nu… To get food 3 times a day in home. Hmmm.. Naanu eradha kolam ila… Pogadha kovil ila… Vendadha dheivam ila.. Oruthan vela tharala… Epdi tharuvan.. Interviewer will ask ” What you did these 9 months? “. I would say ” I don’t Know “. He would say “ Get out “. I would say ” I don’t care”. I will come home with all sadness and say ” Indha interview vu poiduchu, pasikudhu.. saapadu podunga”. My family members in group will shout “I don’t care”.

March,2010. I was in the middle of deep sea. No lifeboats, no life jackets, not even a TITANIC figure with me. I was all alone trying to swim. Ana namaku dhan swimming varaadhe. I was about to sink, apa oru kai ena kai koduthu thookudhu. Adhu dhan Cognizant. Anga oru song vakarom. “KODUKATA KODUKATA KOLKATA LA VELA ONU KODUKATA”. Paatu mudinja udane, cut pana Written Test. Questions ah paathu naan muzhika, question paper ena paathu kaari thupa oru vazhiya pass paniten. Next day technical round. “Aravind Raj” nu oru kural. I went inside. 20 minutes.. Moochu thenara thenara kelvi ketaaru. Mudinjudhe nu nambi ezhundha inoru 25 minutes. Avarala evalo kelvi keka mudiyumo avalo kelvi ketaaru. [Seperate Voice:Ungaluku kovam varala] Kelvi kekum podhu HR sonaaru evalo ketalum thaangaran da ivan romba nalavanu oru vartha solitaaru… Naanu evalo neram dhan answer therinja mariye nadikardhu…Oru vazhiya finished technical round. Next General HR round. It went for around 20 minutes. Background song “SODHANAI MEL SODHANAI, PODHUMADA SAAMI..”

March 21,2010. I got a mail from Cognizant saying that I got selected and I had to report on March 31,2010. I told my parents and especially my dad. My dad didnt belive me and checked the mail from cognizant. He came close to me and asked “EPDI DA SELECT AANA? “ I said “ EVALO VATI KETALUM INDHA KELVIKU MATUM ENKITA BADHILE ILA PAA….. “

This was the year in which I learnt how to act as if you are busy.This was the year in which I learnt how to spend time as if you have got no time. This is the year in which I learnt how to search job without searching job really and what not. This is 2009 1/2 year. I dedicate this blog to myself and many guys like me who spent a year full ideally without doing anything special. But, still succeeded in the end.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fabulous Facts !!!!

You cant stop reading..............


-->that Albert Einstein was considered retarded, Isaac Newton was thought to be a slow learner, Joseph Priestly (the discoverer of oxygen) never took a science course, and Louis Pasteur got a C in chemistry.

-->that in 1876 when G. G. Hubbard learned of his future son-in-law's invention, he called it "only a toy." This daughter was engaged to a young man named Alexander Graham Bell.

-->that in 1969 the New York Times published an apology for once printing derisive comments about an inventor's theory. Robert Goddard was on the receiving end of the Time's criticism of his contention that rockets could operate in outer space. The apology was printed the day after Apollo 11 left earth orbit for the moon.

-->that in the early 1940's a GE engineer was charged with a task of utmost importance to the war effort: develop a cheap substitute for rubber that would be used to produce tires, gas masks, and a whole host of military gear. James Wright tackled the task diligently -- and wound up inventing Silly Putty. Good thing he didn't work on the artificial heart.

-->that neither Wilber nor Orville Wright graduated from high school. However, they were both avid readers.

-->that Charles Goodyear began his experiments on rubber in a debtors' prison. He was there so often that he referred to it as his "hotel."

-->that Darryl F. Zanuck of 20th Century Fox thought TV was just a passing fancy. In 1946 he said, 'Video won't be able to hold any market after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night."

-->that in 1875, after more than eight years of experimentation, Daniel Peter of Switzerland, created milk chocolate. He sold his creation to his neighbour, Henri Nestlé, and Nestlé chocolate came into being.

-->that chocolate was responsible for invention of the microwave oven. A tube that produces microwaves was invented by British scientists during World War II. Called the magnetron, its ability to cook food was discovered by accident - when someone walked past and found a chocolate bar in his pocket had been melted. This led directly to microwave ovens, the first models of which were the size and weight of a refrigerator.

-->that 90% of men that have walked on the moon were once Boy Scouts.

-->that Australians spend more than 3 hours every day watching television but only 12 minutes talking to their partner.

The most important fact is that of the 120,000 blogs created daily, 50% are about the same subject

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Male Brain Vs Female Brain

Hi friends,
             I wanted to say thanks for all who just read my post, who read and scolded me for blogging and people who thinks that my blog really sucks and people who really don’t give a damm to my post. I thank one and all for your absolute encouragement. Andyour thoughts boosted me to come up with one more post. Regarding HUMAN BRAIN. As we all know, there are 2  kinds of human, Male and Female. Ofcourse, FEMALE said to be weak, placid natured, tender, kind hearted dominate strong, rugged, forceful MALE. Rofl… Anyways this post is not about whole of male and female but, about their BRAINS. How it works and how it thinks and what it does.
            Male Brain which is always critcised to have nothing in it, quite true sometimes, consists number of say BOXES. Loads of many seperate boxes which are very different, independent boxes. Here, I can compare both male and female brains considering some constraints like stress, emotions etc., When a male discuss about any particular topic, he picks that particular topic’s box carefully not touching or disturbing any other adjacent boxes and places it back in that place without any disturbance to other boxes once he finishes his discussion about that particular topic. Whereas Female Brain is full of intricate, complex set of twisted wires. No seperation of thoughts, all running at the same time. Thinking about her children, husband, the gal with beautiful ear-ring. It may be anything but 90% useless things. Even now girls reading this post may think about me, the monitor, concious about their attire, anything. ANYTHING means ANYTHING. Considering emotions of male and female, Female brain has numerous numbers of twisted wires which are controlled by nothing but only emotions. Female without emotions are not said to be Females. Female brain thinks anything and everythin with emotions. From hair pin to aeroplane thoughts surrounded by emotions. Considering Male brain, emotions are contained in the box which is almost negligible. Frankly speaking we males don’t care. We give much importance to girls than to our emotions. Thats true. Its fact. Lolz.. Considering Stress constraint, Female cant withstand their stress. They will be dying to share it with others. Say for example, If women is freaking out with stress and if she comes to a man and shares it… MEN please dare not to advice or give suggestions to overcome their stress. She really does’nt need it. She will bang you if you give a suggestion to come out of it. Lolz.. She doesn’t need your advice, only she needs some dumb person to listen what she wanted to say. As it is very obvious males are the dumb persons for females. Male brains respond differently to stress. Unlike all boxes which has different thoughts there is a box in all male brains which contains NOTHING. Nothing means nothing, not even a single piece of thought. It can be called NOTHING BOX ultimately containing nothing. When Male are stressed they often tend to go to this nothing box. Women are always thinking. Their brain is continuously working.  It doesn’t have any purpose, but they keep thinking shit all the time. Guys have the ability to sit right there for 15 or more minutes seriously thinking about NOTHING. I can explain you with an example. Take an normal husband and wife. Husband who is really frustrated with his stressful job searches for nothing box and thinks seriously about nothing. Wife coming by his side asking “Honey, What are you thinking about?” Husband amused by her question thinks for a while (he has to come out of nothing box, lolz it takes time) answers “NOTHING”. Wife being a women doesn’t know how to think nothing. She asks him ” Come on honey, Share it with me.. What are you thinking about?”. Husband replies seriously “I think nothing”. Wife being a female obviously looses patience and starts yelling at him.. “How can someone think nothing. There got to be something. Won’t you share it with me”.  And words fight will turn into hands fight and then ends up in court smiling at each other having their divorce papers in hand, female searching another dumb male and male searching another beautiful, sexy, brilliant(though its not possible) female.
            So, from this post what I wanted to say all is “Women cant be changed and same case is with Men”. So, lets not understand what brain does, how it allows us to think, bla bla.. Lets lead our life dumb with our dumbo heads with dumb brains.

My First Blog..!!!

Hi guys... 
          Here, I come with my new blog where I have decided to share all my views and thoughts regarding anything and everything. To create a blog and actively participate in it was my friend's long days desire. Deep within me I always wanted to start blogging and share things but as people who know me very well say I am damm lazy to do so. Anyways from now on you can find me actively blogging and this is for my friend Peen who always wanted me to start blogging. I dedicate my first blog to him. This blog is free to all. They can comment, abuse, participate, share things, appreciate and what not. So lets rock. Happy blogging. Happy Reading. Soon see yea with my new post.

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