Sunday, July 14, 2013


I wrote a song...
Just to tell you how much I love you.. 
I ended up telling how much you loved me.. 
The seconds are gone when your lips touched my cheeks.. 
The minutes are gone when silence spoke between us..
The hours are gone where we go out just to have a ride..
The days are gone when we wait just to see each other's face..

The seconds are gone when we hold hands together when we walk..
The minutes are gone when we just wait for rain to get wet..
The hours are gone when we just wait for rain to get wet..
The days are gone when we eat up each other's plates..

The seconds are gone when I use to pinch your cheeks..
The minutes are gone when we hugged each other tightly..
The hours are gone when we speak like we are ruling this world..
The days are gone when I irritated just to make you shout at me..

The seconds are gone when our eyes just spoke the language..
The minutes are gone when eyes did cry for each other..
The hours are gone just waited to see your dimples..
The days are gone when I missed you but you didn't know..

The months are gone since I haven't seen your face..
The years would go without knowing how much I loved you..
But, I will make sure.. 
Before I die.. I will show you how much I love you..
You will see how much you loved me..

Would you say ?
Love me even if you don't.. 
Would you cry ?
If I die.. 
Would you mind ?
Reading it even if you are not interested..

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Somebody say that I m okay..!!!

Someone say that I m okay..
I loved you and I didn't realise it baby..
Now I realised it and you are not here..
Why should I have to face the hardest things dear..?
May be the things weren't seemed to be hard when you were with me..
And yeah, I need you badly..
You once thought I complete you and now I think I am incomplete without you..
Someone say that you have my shoulder.. Someone say that I m okay..

I miss you when I eat in groups.. And I miss you when I eat alone..
I miss you when I m with friends.. And I miss you when I m just alone..
My plate misses your spoon and my spoon misses your taste..
Back seat of my bike misses you.. Front seat of my car misses you..
My nose misses your scent and my cheeks misses your kiss..
I miss you baby girl.. I really really miss you..
Just give me your fingers and let me hold you.. I swear i won't let it go..
Someone say that I have their shoulders.. Someone please say that I m okay..

You are not here with me but still you are here with me all the time in my thoughts.. What we had is not false and hope one day you will see.. I wait and wait and wait.. Only you can make my wait over.. The day my wait is over is the day when I hug you tight and hold your hand and cry.. My tears would say how I missed you.. And I would say how I love you..
Someone say that I have their shoulders.. Someone please say that I m okay..

Someone say that I will be fine..
Someone say that I will be okay..

Monday, April 01, 2013

Talk to me..

I just want you in my life..
No need to love me dear..
Not even the love that you give for your friend..
No need to marry me my love..
No need to be my wife baby..
Just talk to me.. Talk to me.. Talk to me.. Talk to me..

Stab me hard with a knife..
Throttle my neck till I struggle to breathe..
Give me poison..
Push me from a cliff baby..
Tie me over rope.. Beat me up till I die.. Just talk to me before you do..
The loneliness kills me..
The life without you kills me..
The absence of your look kills me..
The care I lost kills me..
The love for you kills me..
Baby give me pity death..

But, just talk to me before I die..
Talk to me baby.. Just talk to me..
One last moment..
One last minute..
One last second with you gives the pleasure I could get of my whole life..
Talk to me.. Just talk to me..
Will you talk to me.. ?? Baby..
Will you talk to me.. ?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Suspicious Trip Part 1

Hi guys..
                 Long time no posts. How are yea readers..? Hope your life is awesomatic ofthe life of pi :D Didn’t find time actually. But still.. I am determined topost something or the other today. I decided to write up a story but thinkingwhat the story should be - comedy or sad, horror or thriller, and whatever. Letus see how it goes. I will start with a disclaimer so that no one will file acase on me. :D
All characters appearing in thisstory may be fictitious or may be real. Any resemblance to real persons, livingor dead is purely planned.
Smoking and Drinking is not injuriousto health until your girlfriend scolds you badly.
                Everything is fair in love and war. But, it’s not fair that everythingshould be done unfairly to make it fair having the reason that it’s fair inlove and war. Love should not create a war but a war can create love. But, bothlove and war are dangerous in its very own ways. But, this proverb is nothingto do with the story what you are going to read now. It’s just starter filler. Let’smove on to the real story which is not actually real because if it’s real then it’snot a story.
                A hundred feet road filled with trees on both sides.  Its a little busy road which has lot of shops, restaurants, cafe and outlets. There was a coffee shop called “Café Tea Night” and there was a table in the cornerwhich can accommodate four people. It had only the cashier, the cook and thewaiter. Two guys sitting in the middle table seeing each other and smiling. Onewas tall and lean. The other was short and stout. Five girls reached the café.The door was closed. One among the five pushed the door hard and hit herself onhead. The other girl next to her screamed, “Sujatha, it’s clearly written PULL.Pull it.” Having said this, she pulled it hard and almost broke the handle. Oneamong the five said,” Washme, I think it’s closed.” The guy at the counterwatching this came for their help. It was a two way door and opened the otherdoor which was not hooked. They searched for empty tables and took their seatsin the corner table. Washme dragged a chair from the next table making a keech noise and sat on it. And exactly opposite to that table a guy was standing dressedlike a waiter. He was short, lean and had round big eyes. His moustache was bigwhich was running till his ears and covered his face. His appearance was very fearful.And he was staring these girls as if he is going to eat them up. Manaali said, “Guys,you see a guy standing opposite to us. He is staring at us.” Frightened girls didn’thave a look at him instead praying for some other waiter to take their order. Silenceprevailed among the girls.
                        Soon this guy came walking towards them. Heart beat rate increased for thegirls as if they are going for an appraisal meeting. He came near them andstood. Heart breaking sound of a thunder struck and soon it started rainingheavily. He stood behind Sornaka, with blushing face he started, “I amCaapinath. What would you like to have madams? Washme started laughing and Korangit askedhim, “Madams..? Why is it madams?” The waiter replied, “One girl, singular,madam. Five girl, plural, madams. What would you like to have madams?” Controllingher laughter Sujatha said,”Give us a moment”. Caapinath replied, “Sorry madam,we don’t have  moment. Like to haveanything else?” Korangit stressed,”Time. Time. We need time.” Caapinath,”Okaymadams. How many ?
                         “Caapi, come here”, a stern voice came from distance and Caapi left thetable saying, “Sorry madams, excuse me a minute for five minutes.  It took some time for the waiter to return andmeanwhile everyone decided what they are going to have. After deciding what toeat, they started talking about the trip they have planned. They are very muchexcited about the trip and its place called “Budakudda”.  Washme asked the other four,” How many peopleare coming?” Sujatha replied,”I suppose twelve, it would be real fun.”Sornaka, “How are we going to travel?” Before she could get a reply, a guy withmoderate weight and height approached them. He was wearing sleeveless shirt anda shorts with coolers on his eyes which looked cool. It was night time and dimlight all over the café , he couldn’t see properly as he was wearing goggles. Hestumbled upon so many chairs on the way and reached the corner table. He bentdown, showed his romantic eyes with little lowering the goggles said, I amKonand, Can I have your order please.” Washme ordered for a sandwich. Sornakaordered boiled water. Korangit and Manaali ordered for Cappachino. Once againKonand bent down and lowered his glass asking, “You need Cappachino with onlyheart or heart with an arrow design”. Manaali said, “Give us just coffee.” Sujatha ordered for chocolate fudge and ice leamon tea. “Will beback in a minute” said Konand and left the table.
                         Sujatha’s phone rang and it is one of her friend who is coming for Budakudda.She picked up and got to know that one guy who is coming for the trip iscelebrating his birthday on the day they are going to start. And he asked herto order for a cake, so that they can make the birthday boy cut the cake duringtravel. As soon as she hung up the call, Caapinath reached their table with abig tray in his hand, placed everything before them. Sornaka was so excited todrink boiled water, she even asked Washme to taste it. Before Caapinath leavingthe table asked them, “Madams, anything else you want?” Sujatha with a spoonfull of chocolate fudge in her mouth said, “We need a cake. Birthday cake.”Caapinath replied them, “Sure madam, Which flavor you need? One kg or Onegaalkg?” Sujatha thinking for a while said, “Black forest, 1kg and on the cakewrite, ‘Happy Birthday Gori laass’”. Having taken the order Caapinath left.
                      Thunder struck once again, now no electricity. It was full dark. There was asound near the entrance, everyone turned towards the door, none could see whatis happening but could sense some movement happening. Lightening  gave them some light and they could see a guyentering into the café.
                                                                                                                   - To be continued.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

There was a time..

The lonely sun said, I m gifting you a sunshine..
I nodded No saying I m not interested..
The lonely moon siad, I m gifting you a moonglow..
I nodded No saying I m not interested..
The lovely stars said, I m gifting you fairy girl..
I nodded No saying I m not interested..
There was a time, I just felt its hot sun..
Now I go out just to feel the sunshine..
There was a time, I just thought its some white thing..
Now I sit at night ask myself, How beautiful..?
There was a time, I rarely see the stars..
Now, I m counting on it for my fairy girl..

The beautiful beach said, I m gifting you my waves..
I nodded No saying, I have one next to me..
The bike ride said, I m gifting you a pleasure..
I nodded No saying, I have my pleasure behind me..
The hissing breeze said, show your cheek for kissing..
I nodded No saying, cheeks are busy with my special one..
There was a time, I came to beach only for you..
Now, I go to beach with lonliness beside me..
There was a time, I enjoy riding bikes..
Now, I prefer walking than bike rides..
There was a time, I get kisses like rain..
Now, the breeze makes fun of me..

There was a time, I fought you..
Now its time to say, I m sorry..
There was a time,I had egos..
Now its time,we become amigos..
There was a time, We had happy tears..
Now what I left with is just tears..
There was a time, when I avoided you..
Now its time to say, I love you..

There was a time.. Baby..
There was a time..


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