Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What You Do When You Get Bored ??

Hi friends,
          This post is quite different from all other posts, its about something which everyone longs for. Its something universal and people will never get rid of it in their life. Someway or in some point of their lifetime one has to undergo this punishment. This punishment universally called to be “BOREDOM”. Fortunately, I have some ideas through which one can enjoy boredom. If you feel like following my ideas, you can. If you think I am nuts, I don’t give a damm… 
Feeling bored, start scratching your head and if possible whole body part by part. No matter if you are not having the feel of itching. Scratching always has its own comfortness.
Open your eyes wide. Do not blink. Try to bring out tears by keeping your eyes wide open. Set time and check how long you can open your eyes without blinking and check when tears roll down your cheeks.
Best way to while away time is think about something which you don’t want to think about, you will start thinking about something which you never ever thought of it. For example, try to think about wood pecker and see what all you can think of. Thoughts really move faster than light, I bet.
Close your eyes and do whatever you feel like doing. Dance, sing, shout, speak, scold, be silent. Anything. Just close your eyes and do it. If you open your eyes and try it,  I am sorry guys, you are MAD.
Try to make a note and check how long you can hold it. Start with a soft voice and end with shouting. This extreme to that extreme. Shout like none exists in this world.
Take a paper and pen. Start with letter A and write whatever comes to your mind, start scribbling. Scribble till the paper gets torn. Search for a dustbin, throw the paper. Start with a new paper.
You are in office and you are bored, I have a solution. Lock the computer, unlock it. Type the incorrect password for two times and type it correctly for the third time. Feeling very bored. Type the password wrongly 3 times, call NSS and reset it. Log off the computer, Log on again. Open all possible application, close it. Switch OFF the monitor, switch ON. Switch OFF the CPU, switch ON.
You want to know what’s pain? Pinch yourself. Pinch softly, little hard, hard and harder. Shout accordingly.
As my friend Harish suggested you can get into lift and press all the buttons and check whether lift is working properly or not. This will be interesting if the floors are more. I will give you another option if the floors are less. Get into a left press immediate floor button. Get out of the lift and get into some other lift and press the immediate floor button. Do this until you get bored of this.
Take your mobile phone, give missed calls to all who are in your contacts. From A contact to Z contact. If they are not responding again give missed calls.
If you find a guy who cannot fight with you or bully you, beat him up. Don’t try this with everyone, you will fall into unnecessary trouble.
You want to know how others feel the pain. Pinch them. Pinch them soft, hard and harder. They will run behind you to pinch you back, you try escaping. You will have fun as well as while away time.
This is especially for DB involved people. If people create views, tables, try to peep into their monitor and find the name. DROP it. They CREATE it, you DROP it. It really works, we tried it. Our batchmate creates tables. We drop it. Most interesting part is don’t tell them that you have dropped it.
Finally, the best way to while away time, to get rid of boredom, WRITE BLOGS as I do. You can really get rid of boring part of your life. I dedicate this blog to everyone who is bored right now like me.
Happy reading and hope you get rid of boredom.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Britania Tiger.... Tin tin Tidin...

Hi folks...
          Long time no posts... Sorry, was little busy with my work. I know what comes to your mind reading the previous line. Nothing can be done:) . If i post blogs regularly, then people jump into wrong conclusions that I am not working and always free. Anyways, this post is nothing to do with Britania Tiger but its about real Tigers. You want to know the reason for this title, you will come to know at the end of this post. I kept the name just to cover up more readers and try bringing awareness. You would have come across many sites, pictures, advertisements saying "SAVE TIGERS". I know what you all will think seeing those words. " What the heck is this? Save Tigers. Are we suppose to get tigers from the forest and bring them up as our pets? How can we save tigers? Bull shit.! " No harm. All dumb people like me think like this. Those who didnt, great minds -- Sorry to comment. Let me give you something interesting so that you will know how to do it.
              The tiger, one of the most magnificent animals in the world, is also one of the most endangered. A symbol of strength, majesty. There are 8 varieties of species, of which three have become extinct within the last 60 years and there are less than 50 South China tigers left on this planet. There are five different kinds or subspecies of tiger alive in the world today. These tigers are called Siberian, South China, Indochinese, Bengal, and Sumatran. Reports and survey say only about 5,000 to 7,400 tigers are left in the wild. Three tiger subspecies, the Bali, Javan, and Caspian tigers have become extinct in the past 70 years.
           I can give you a answer for why we have to save Tigers. Why Tigers, why not cat ? I will tell you why. First reason Tigers are endangered and not Cat. Secondly, if you don't want to be Tiger uncle's lunch, you need forest. Tigers can't live in places where trees have vanished and in turn you are safe and secure with all your basic needs in your presence. If we want the tigers to have immortality, then we have to pray for its prey. We have to save all herbivores which tiger feeds on. If we want the herbivores to have a long life then again we have to pray for its prey, Plants. Saving Tiger automatically saves herbivores, saves trees and saves forest. Saving Forests saves us.
          I will just tell you how you can help in saving Tiger as an Individual.  
    --> Usage and sale of Big Cat's products are banned. So, say NO to them and if you find carnivores(human) hunting Big Cat report at Local Police Station or Forest Officials.
     --> Create awareness regarding Tiger. Make posters, pamplets, if you are crazy enough go to the top of the building and shout like this " PLEASE SAVE OUR TIGERS". Pass on the message as much as you can.
     --> The best you can do and everyone may do this atleast after reading this post is by sitting before  your stupid computer clicking a button, joining the cause in facebook, orkut, twitter and other communities and organizations which is involved in this.
     --> I can give you some organization names so that you can fund them. WWF, World Wide Fund For Nature and The Corbett Foundation. You have loads of money and don't know what to buy your girl friend don't worry, give it to them and they will take care.  
     --> You think you can bring up the change, you think that you have the skills and commitment, do contact NGO working for tiger conservation to volunteer them.
     --> Destroying your house is similar to destroying forest. Lets preserve the habitat of Cat Beauty by reducing the raw materials we steal from forests. Lets avoid unnecessary usage of paper, wood, etc.,
    --> Educate the local people living near the forests about the importance of tigers in terms of ecosystem. They need to be told that if there will be no tigers there will be no forests.
    --> Have an eco tour. So that you will come to know the importance of Tigers and You can also support various accredited zoos and wildlife sanctuaries which are active in research and conservation programmes.
                The above mentioned points are very common and you can try to do them being an individual. Please take this as an serious issue and try to save them. Let's give a big ROAR now.. Come on... ROOOAAAAR...... Good shout.. If we are not ready to save our Tigers, then we will see only their photos in the cover of Britania Tiger Biscuits. So do save TIGER.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Women Unleashed !!!!

Hi Bloggie folks,         
               Here I come up with one more post, a post that is dedicated to whole lot of societies which owns a beautiful creation of this astonishing wonderful world. You may think for a while what that is so called beautiful creation in a so called astonishing wonderful world. I wonder how something like this could be. I still wonder how GOD* created this beautiful creation on this mother EARTH, if God* exists.*Conditions Apply. Yep… The beautiful, adorable creation of “WOMEN” on this planet. This post is all about baby girl, a kid, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a WOMEN. This one goes out to all my women yeah, all of them.         
               I really daze how a human GOD* gives birth to a baby girl and how ‘A’dorable the baby could be. And we call that human GOD* as MOTHER. It really takes my breath away how ‘B’eautiful the baby could be. She is so small looking at this treacherous world without any clue of how it would be. So ‘C’ute she looks at it to make it a safe world in mere future and she really has the ability to do it. She is such a ‘D’arling who grows up like a newly blossomed flower. The kid, she is unaware that she could ‘E’nlighten this whole world. She keeps all her ability hidden, a kid is still a fresh rose which is innocent and ignorant. She is by default becomes a sister to every men in this world, which can be the best part a man can have in his life. Come on guys, now don’t think bad. Except her husband, fine now. Lolz… Sister, a ‘F’abulous relation to a man, as one can say.  She can be the perfect daughter as every mother and father can expect. Every father would expect a girl baby for him, he really feels that she can be the ‘G’arland for the family. The present situation is like they are being ‘H’umiliated, but they are really deserved to be ‘H’onoured. They have the talent to ‘H’ack a man’s brain and we should appreciate it because trying to hack something which has nothing is worth appreciating.  Being a man I should accept that they are little ‘I’diotic, but then they have the ability to become an ‘I’con.               
            She marries a man whom she likes, sometimes and marries a man whom she doesn’t want to, many a times. She becomes a wife, the next level of her life. For every husband, his wife may be a ‘J’oker but in real she is a ‘J’ackpot , I can say. A women, a wife can be your ‘K’ey to your success. She helps you in all possible ways. She may rule your ‘K’ingdom with all her ‘K’osher effort to take men to heights. Women sometimes behave ‘L’unatic but always ‘L’ovable. She is ‘L’ucid and articulate who can act as a ‘L’uminescent in your life. She can work like a ‘M’achine and she can be ‘M’agnanimous. No other higher crown can be given to her if you call her ‘M’other. She can behave ‘N’uisance sometimes but she is real worth to be ‘N’obel prize winner for being a mother. If you want me to express how a woman is in a single word, I could say ‘O’utlandish. I wonder how they are so complicated and complex as no one could ever imagine. Women can be the excellent being who can comfort you all the times. Never bother if you are kid, she can soothe you, teenager, husband, matured, aged – she can comfort you I swear. The best ‘P’acifying being ever on the earth, though they are the sole reason for the grief you have, they can soothe you at the best. A man can proudly introduce a women as his ‘Q’ueen of  his family. She can easily ‘Q’uarantine sorrows of your family make the members joyful. They are the essential part of life who acts like potion which ‘R’ejuvenate  your life to a maximum extent, can keep the presence always fresh. She is ‘R’eliable, ‘R’espectable, ‘R’emarkable, ‘R’eputable , ‘R’oundtable. Oops… Sorry for the last word… Oru flow la vandhuduchu….. She acts as a ‘S’addle so that her family can have a safe and comfortable ride. She is ‘S’upportive, ‘S’uperb,’S’pectacular, ‘S’uperior, ‘S’tylish. She can ‘S’tupefy anybody by any means at any time.          
              Women has a special ‘T’actic to win hearts. She is ‘T’alented, ‘T’winkling, ‘T’weety as anyone could fall for it. She can be the ‘U’ltimate reason for the world to be so beautiful. She can ‘U’plift her family, even the whole society if she wants to. She has the ability to do it.  Women , the ‘V’ibrant force, can turn to be ‘V’ehement if situation tend to arise. She can be ‘V’ivid, ‘V’olatile changing all possible shapes being flexible. She becomes old, when her skin gets ‘W’rinkled, she cares for her children and grand children. She is really ‘W’onderful making the place in which she lives as a ‘W’onderland. I couldn’t even find words in ENGLISH language to praise her. Let me try with the letter ‘X’. Hmmm…. Yeah, got it… All days becomes ‘X’mas eve if women is around you. As a women she can ‘Y’ield all possible heights. She may be ‘Y’atter, but she is cute even in that. She is fully filled with ‘Z’eal and ‘Z’enith.         
             I dedicate this post to all my women yeah, my strong lovely women. Please don’t under estimate her instead encourage her, praise her, help her and love her. Lovely women.
 Thanks for reading and happy reading. 
NOTE:  Disclaimer is only for boys… Girls thanks for reading till above.
DISCLAIMER: The information being available in the post are purely imaginary. Indha post il ulla anaithum muzhuka muzhuka karpanaiye…. !!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Tears !!!!

Hi friends,
         Thank you all once again for continuously reading my posts and giving your valuable comments eventhough you are interested to comment on it. So many posts it has been and all of them were little meaningless and little technical and lots to go with fun. Unlike every other post the one which you are going to read is totally a different one I can bet. Yep.. Ulaga Varalaatril mudhan muraiyaaga Arvind at times being centimental. Now I am going to narrate what happened in particular special day, what happened is the special thing which one usually expect something from friends but never show it out and enjoy the surprise when it actually happens. Puriyala la…. Even I didnt know what I just typed.
          Adhavadhu Aayirathi tholaayarathi moonaavadhu varusham simple ah solanum na 1903, andha varushathuku indha blog ku endha samandhamum ila. He he he… In 1903, India’s first 5star hotel Taj hotel in Mumbai was built. In 1912, India’s capital changed from Kolkatta to Delhi. In 1914, Chennai’s first theatre came named Gaity. In 1967, Tamizhagam state changed its name to TamilNadu. And in October 18, 1987 some 10 stars shined like a diamond in the sky and baby born with a smiling sound as its ringtone. Doctors were amazed to see that kid didnt cry instead smiled. Anaiku andha baby soluchu… “Raaji, un calender la kurichu vachuko. Ne epdi na un vaithula irukum podhu enaku soru potu paalati seeraati valathiyo adhe mari na valandhu saagara varaikum una paalooti seerati paathukala en peru peru peru ( Mind Voice: Oh peru inu vakalaya) Raaji vaithula porandha maanikam ila… (Background Music: Paam pababa papaaam pababa ba paaam ba paaam).
           Anaiku pirandhu valandha kulandhai dhan ungal mun beer kudikum thozhanaaga, prechanai endral ess aagum veeranaaga, christmas Star vaangi maatum Super Star aaga, Ulagame viyakum ulaga nayaganaaga, Che nu sola vaikum chiyaanaaga, Belti adithu treat kekum ultimate star aaga, solavum vaai koosum ilaya thalapathi aaga, mini meals sapdum mini super star aaga, kannigaluku anniyanaaga valam varum meesai vaitha kolandhai ARVIND. For English readers - That day born grown baby is before you like friend drinking beer, if problem comes escaping brave kid, christmas star buying and hanging super star, whole world astonishes world hero, makes people tell che chiyaan, somersault doin treat askin ultimate star, to tell mouth koosing ilaya thalapathi, eating mini meals mini super star, young ladies stranger like roaming and coming moustache keeping baby ARVIND.
             Ooops.. I told it is a centiment post. I am writing all nonsense. Sorry.. Now centiment starts.. Long ago, so long ago, very very long ago there was a day in a month in a year called 18th October,2010. Anaiku ena aachu na, sorry the day before what happened is highlight which is a real suspense. DOT DOT DOT… What reading further…? I told its suspense.. He he he.. Okay okay, dont get irked out. October 17,1987. It was pleasant morning in Chennai, aaah.. when the morning in Chennai is found to be pleasant, it was really a hot morning and in that morning a handsome guy who was rolling on his bed without having the mood to get up and gets up when his dad comes and kicks his  back. As soon as he got up, a text message came from one of his friend called Ravi and here is the message. ” GM, TDY EVE ID? “. Didnt get the msg? Its SMS (SHORT MESSAGING SERVICE). It says ” Good Morning, Shall we go to ID, Satyam today evening? “. I replied, ” GM, S” . I hope you get it right now. Then the day went fine as usual, lots of tensions, lots of work being an important resource in Cognizant, I should be busy right ..? (Chuckles). It was 5.50pm in the evening, same date, same year. Heart wished to leave the cubicle. Manager wished to stay back and work. Mind wished to leave the office. Team Member wished to help her out in her issues. Finally it was around 6.30 and I left the office. Rushed to home and got ready for outing.
              Now, here you should ask a doubt. Its 17th October and its Sunday, who will work on sunday? lolz.. Summa page fill pandrathuku I wrote. I was vetti all the day and was dying for the evening to come. I got ready well before and message came from him “R U RDY?” at 8.30.I replied “S”. Then I begged my sister for Car (Nama gethu koraya kudadhu la) and finally me, two of my friends Veda and Rajatha started to Satyam around 9.30 in the night. Ravi is to join us there in Satyam directly. By the time we parked car and reached ID it was around 10.15 and restaurant closes at 11pm. We had a nice time there and we finished our dinner around 10.50pm and came out. We went to ecstacy besse a ice cream parlour inside satyam campus. We ate pasteries there and it was around 11.30 we finished and were talking in the car park. I was sitting inside the car. Ravi and Rajatha outside talking in milder tone. Ravi, ” Tell him, this is the right time”. Rajatha,” No, He will slap me if I tell it now”. Then finally she decided to tell me. She came near me, got inside the car and told those three words, hearing that I was really shocked. Those three words were…. were…. were…. “Start the car” . Then they asked me to go to my home and I drove the car to my home. There was the surprise.
               It was around 12 when we reached our place. My friend Peen to whom I dedicated my first blog made ready the party, cake and everything. Everyone was wishing me happy birthday and made me cut the cake. They fed me with cakes, hugged me and gave birthday bumps. My eyes filled with tears. Not because of happiness,I couldnt tolerate the pain of bday bumps. I felt really happy and kootam kalanjudhu… Cut pana inoru scene in office around 3.30pm in the evening. They made me cut the cake and my supercool manager did me cake facial and my project team gifted me. I was filled with tears again. This time cake cream went into my eyes.
               Cut pana inoru scene in office cafeteria, it was around 7pm all my batchmates came for me, wished me and made me cut the cake, hugged me and gave bday bumps. Then I realized how many of them are real angry with me. I was really happy that all came to my place spent time with me and made my day really special. My eyes filled with tears again because of birthday bumps. Finally, Arvind celebrated his birthday with all possible people around him who are really special and very close to him. (Arvind wiping his tears while finishing this post).
              Anyway, thanks a lot for all who cares me, wishes me good, helps me live a pleasant and happy life on this beautiful earth. Thank you all friends and enemies. Now, its a dedication time, I dedicate this post to my everloving mother Raaji alias Rajeswari who brought me to this world and special dedication to my friends Rajatha and Peen and my Team Mates who made my day worth a million.
Happy Reading and Thanks for reading.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ReMiX StOry !!!!

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, real things, living, non-living, dead or alive is purely a miracle, may be coincidental. The characters, story line, screen play herein are impersonated very poorly. People are reading this blog at your own risk. If you do not completely understand and agree with the conditions of this disclaimer, then you should not read one word on this blog and leave this Blog immediately after commenting.
                  Sangavai said, “Dad, I love Mohe and I want to marry him. Dont forget the dealing. I will have to break the promise then. I cant marry anyone else other than Mohe.” Rangamani, “Dear, See this photo and then decide. I will give you time.” Andha dealing ena nu aparam soldren… SUSPENSE..
What happened a few years later to ten minutes before….?!?!?! FLASHBACK starts…………………….
                  In a beautiful city called New Francisco which is in Tamil Angeles state, a family of four was living in a small but beautiful house. They named their house as “Obama Illam”. Eldest one was Abdulla who was husband of Kalaivaani ofcourse a girl. They had two kids and the eldest was daughter Jenifer Begam and youngest kid was Mohammed Muruga. Abdulla worked in a private transport company as an accountant and his wife Kalaivaani was house wife, style ah solanum na home maker. Jenifer Begam was very brisk and studious. She remained always a better kid than their son Mohammed Muruga.  Jenifer finished her college and was attending interviews.Thier financial status was very bad as Abdulla was very honest and hard working but never knew shortcuts. They struggled to bring up their kids and finally Jenifer Begam got a job after a hard struggle. She spent all her earnings on family and brought their family to a status which was very difficult to achieve with Abdulla’s income. Mohammed Muruga in turn wasted time  with friends, night outs, boozing parties and what not. Somehow cleared 12th Std and got into a mokka Engineering college and reads good for atleast getting border pass marks. He had lots of arrears. His friend Perumal Peter gave intro to a girl who is his schoolmate. Her name is Sangavai and she had a sister called Angavai. Sangavai and Mohammed Muruga started messaging each other. There it started. They exchanged each and everything through messages but never bothered to talk or meet each other. Few months went like this. And one day she called Mohammed and said in a shivering voice “Mohe, I need to meet you. wanted to say something really important”. Mohe was his pet name and hearing that mohe’s heart started beating faster. He said, “Okay, When shall we meet?” They decided to meet each other and fixed a place and time. Sangavai dressed up very well that day and was eager to meet Mohammed. She was wearing a white salwar with blue bindhi and it was as beautiful as clouds and in the midst blue sky visible. Mohammed who is not that good looking dressed up as best he can. But nothing worked out. He was short but little tall, fair but liitle black, lean but little fat. He was wearing green shirt and pink pant with red tie. They met each other in the most wonderful place in the world GoaKuppam, few kms away from miami kuppam. She said “Mohe, We are so close to each other”. Mohe replied,” Oh sorry, Let me move back a bit”. Sangavai,” Idiot, I didnt mean that. You stole, you stole…” Mohe with fast breadth,” Sangu, I didnt steal anything only once I took your ring when you are asleep. I am sorry.” Sangu frowned her face and told ” Mohe, Will you just keep quiet?”. Both were in silence for sometime. Only heard voices were the sound made by Mohe’s stomach. He was hungry, he didnt have anything in the noon. Then, she started again. “Mohe, you stole my heart, I think I love you. I want to spend life with you. What feelings you have for me.?” Mohe shocked to hear what she has spoken took few seconds and replied “Ena, ena peeelingu”. Mohe thought for a long time and came to a conclusion that Sangu will take good care of him and he accepted her proposal. ” I love you Mohe” said Sangu. “I three love you, lets celebrate this come on buy me  something to eat.”
                  They loved each other very deeply, very deeply and very deeply. Many days went with loads of romance, many days went with so much of fights. Somehow he managed to get his degree. But, he had no job. Sangu got a job in big MNC company but still he didnt get job. They used to meet every evening in beach and one day unfortunately they both met Sangu’s dad Rangamani. He is so cool and down to earth person said her daughter, “Dont say that I came to beach with next house aunty Thangamani.” Sangu being smart proposed for a deal. She said him ” Dad, I wont say this to mom, but you should accept our love and make us get married”. Sangu’s dad was thinking for a while but he liked the deal. He agreed to it. IDHU DHAN ANDHA DEALING!!! One day Rangamani went to Mohe’s house and spoke with Abdulla regarding his daughter’s interest. Abdulla first was little furious hearing this but then accepted. But, Abdulla was little confused because his son is unemployed. Sangu asked his dad to get a job for Mohe and he got a job through reference of Rangamani. The job is to go to the top of the Airdontel Signal Tower and  send away Vadafone signal. They were so happy and they were very much close that they just spent life like husband and wife even before marriage. Then came villains. Sorry Villies… One Mohe’s sister Jenifer Begam and another Sangu’s sister Angavai. Angavai and Jenifer joined as a gang, tried hard to break up their relation. Their bond was so good that none can do anything. Finally, Angavai and Jenifer got busy with their own life. Meanwhile Rangamani decided to marry her daughter with his relative kid who was smarter and handsome than Mohammed. Rich than Mohammed too. He is going to Amjikarai next month for he got VISA for three years.
FLASHBACK ends……………….                  Sangavai with great hesitation took the photo which was kept on the table by her dad. The photo was upside down and it was written “With Love, EyesThousand” (Puriyala peru Kanaayiram). He turned the photo and was surprised to see a handsome, smart guy standing on road platform with patapati shorts and SlowTrack sunglasses. She was confused what to do. She cant decide whom to choose. She spent few seconds thinking, thinking and thinking. Then she decided to meet both of them. So she called both Mohammed and EyeThousand to the same place where she proposed Mohe. She closed her eyes and thought for a moment.  She said to Mohe,”I love Mohe, but love doesnt make us live. Money is needed. When I compare money and love, money wins. I am sorry,Mohe.” Mohammed thinks “Vada Poche”… Finally, Mohe’s family visits Sangavai’s marriage while Mohe visits Melpaakam Mental Hospital. Sangu Sangu nu aasaya kuptan adhan end card la sangu oodhita…!!!
Moral of this Story: Dont waste time. Time is really precious..
Happy Reading.

Friday, October 15, 2010

You can put the blame on me !!!

Hi bloggers…
       As I live my life in the way I want to be and never looked back what had happened behind the things and acts that I do, I am realizing my mistakes as life goes on and I am finding me as a person who doesn’t deserve to be treated good. I am taking this oppurtunity to say sorry, to apologise for the things that I have done to people and things that are yet to be done by me knowingly or unknowingly and for such things which I don’t want to be blamed for……
Mom and Dad…
I am sorry that I cried the most when I was born, I am sorry for the times when I peed on you….
I am sorry for being so naughty and I know I made you people tired for nothing…
I am sorry for the times that I didn’t want to go to school, I am sorry for being an idiot always…
I am sorry that I lied you saying I had lunch and just threw it many times in the dustbin…
I am sorry that I put signatures of yours in report cards many a times…
I am sorry that I grew up so fast and spent less time… I am sorry that I don’t even hug you nowadays…
I am sorry mom I stole money from you and got caught regreting my act even now..
I am sorry dad I took money from your pocket and never said that its yours…
I am sorry mom for the times I came late and made you wait all alone…
I am sorry that I didnt get a medical course and sorry that I struggled to finish B.E…
I am sorry that I was not working for so many months and sorry that I wasted time like hell…
I am sorry that even now I am not spending on you.. I am sorry that I cant be a son you always wanted… Even now if I am not apologising for being wrong, its just a shame on me… So you can put the blame on me and even if the blame is on you, I will take that blame from you…
I am sorry that I grew so slow for you.. I am sorry that I grabbed attention from our parents…
I am sorry that I seized more previlege.. I am sorry for the times always you be disappointed coz of me.
I am sorry that I could’nt fulfil your wishes and sorry for having pampered infront of you..
I am sorry that I always complained about you… I am sorry for the times you get scoldings coz of me…
I am sorry for the times I didnt show love… I am sorry for the times I hated you..
I am sorry for the times I got just jealous…. I am sorry for the times I being possessive….
I am sorry for being born after you and sorry for making you hold the family tight….
I am sorry for staking your studies and sorry for you making me continue my studies….
I am sorry that I couldnt fulfill your expectations and sorry for the times you worried coz of me…
I am sorry for saying sorry for all these things… I know you would’nt like me telling sorry for all these…
I promise you that I will reach heights and if suppose I can’t I am sorry for the same too..
Even now if I am not apologising for being wrong, its just a shame on me… So you can put the blame on me and even if the blame is on you, I will take that blame from you… YOU CAN PUT THE BLAME ON ME..!!!
I am sorry for the times that I been rude… I am sorry for the times that I been selfish…
I am sorry for the times that I lied you…  I am sorry for the times that I was busy and didnt wanna meet you even if you are in need… I am sorry that I am too bad sometimes…. I am sorry that I am too good to someone else…
I am sorry for the times I ignored you and sorry for the times I hurt you…
I am sorry for the times that I made you miss me…  and sorry for myself coz I missed you sometimes….
I am sorry for the times I missed treats and sorry for the times I missed giving treats….
I am sorry that I am being so cunning sometimes, even then you be on my side….
I am sorry for the times that I didnt wish you… I am sorry for the times that I made you cry…
I am sorry for the times that I tease you without knowing that you get badly hurt…
I am sorry for the times that I didnt respect you…. I am sorry for the times that I didnt listen you…
I am sorry for the times that I missed your company… I am sorry for the hard time that you been through, even  I had the chance to help you through.. I am sorry that I am so negligent… I am sorry that I didnt value our friendship…. I am sorry for the times I made you ask sorry… I am sorry for the times I made you fight…
I am sorry for everything that made you realize that I am not a good friend but really I am….
Even now if I am not apologising for being wrong, its just a shame on me… So you can put the blame on me and even if the blame is on you, I will take that blame from you… YOU CAN PUT THE BLAME ON ME..!!!
Why doesn’t anybody want to take that blame?
I am just a fool and thats for sure…
I love my dearones and I will take that blame….
Even the blame is on you, I will take the blame for you…
You can put the blame on me….
This post is just to say sorry to all my dearones and Akon helped me a lot in saying this… Yep.. This is just my version of Akon’s song “You can put the blame on me”. Eventhough, its someone's song I am really apologising from my heart… I am sorry…

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi bloggies,
           Here I come with one more post. I am sure that you people would have lost interest in my blog by reading the last post. Yep.. I thought Love sucks only in Life, but to my surprise it sucks even if its a post in a blog. Goodness heavens. None scolded me very badly for it. Hmm.. This post, you would have guessed it by the name memoirs. Puriyalaya… Adhanga vaazkai varalaaru, suyasaridhai, autobiography epdi vena solalam. This is about my Life History.
           Here goes my story… One fine day, Sunday October 18,1987, a 30 yrs old lady was lying on the hospital bed, crying out of pain. Doctors could not manage her. It was a stormy day clouds crying like hell giving company to the lady who cries out of pain. Thunder was striking hard and suddenly a baby’s voice freaked out which made the thunder subside. The lady wished for a lion like son, to her surprise exactly lion was born that day. Ya its me.. [ Veeel ndra sathathoda oru kolandha porakudhu.. Ulla poi patha andha kolandhaye naan dhan]. If a baby is born in Sunday, it is found to have one of the two characteristics. Very energetic or else very lathargic. You know in which category I fall. Sunday la porandha somberi nu thitringa, puriyudhu.. vidunga.. Their parents were so lucky to have him and his dad gave chocolates to the whole family and celebrated it as a festival.
           I grew up slowly as chubby as a baby could and as naughty as anyone could imagine. Enaku oru 3 vayasu irukum. Apa na L.K.G padichutu irundhen. [VTV background score playin] There I met Jessie. She was daam beautiful, classy and sexy too. She had a style. We use to play together all the time. As usual, she studied well and I dreamed about her didnt study. Failed in L.K.G. I was forced to change school and studied L.K.G once again. [Vetri Nichayam idhu Vedha sathiyam, L.K.G pass aavadhe naan konda Latchiyam] This is called Fate. Then till now I could’nt see her. This school was bit strict, but nama enaiku adangirkom. A teacher used to be there with Frock. Her name is Joyce Peter. WoW. Amazing teacher, she never scolds me and she never teaches me. All she wanted is a kiss from me and you know now how  I would have passed L.K.G the second attempt. [Daas Daas Chinappa Daas, Pass Paas ne ipa pass pass] 
           My mom got pissed off and she started teaching me. Daily she made me read, byheart things. I finished my U.K.G with great difficulty. Then from 1st STD till 4th, my mom was my teacher. Got lots of beatings, scoldings and at the end of 4th year I somehow managed to learn alphabets and numbers. [Oru Nayagan udhayam Aagiraan] 5th STD was awesome year I can say. I got 98 in mathematics and still my mom was not satisfied with my marks sent me to a tuition. I got 98 because of teacher called Christy and I went to her for tuition. Urupatruvoma naaanga… In her home, I use to play with a parrot and two rabbits never used to do maths. Apdi ipdi ela subject layum pass mark vangiyachu.
           My mom still not satisfied with me neither my school. So, she decided to change my school. You won’t believe me if I say I wrote entrance test in nearly 13 schools. Adhula ena adhisayam na ela school layu select ayiten. I got admission in all schools. Lolz. Then, my mom analysed for a week and selected a school which is famous for its STRICTNESS. Viduvoma naanga… Angayum Kuppa kotitom la… It was like climbing Mount Everest, with great difficulty completed every year and finally it was Xth STD and I cleared with 83%. Inga dhanga ela prachanayu aramichudhu… We have to select a group after completing Xth. All people around me gave different different ideas. My sister asked me to take Computer Science group. My dad asked me to take Commerce(he knows very well that I m not worth a professional group). My mom asked me to take Bio group. She felt that I draw good. My mom won the battle and I took Bio group.
           XI and XIIth STD. Rendu varusham na pata paadu iruke….. Somehow I cleared XIIth and next came the big blow. Entrance Exam. I joined IIPE, gone for seperate coaching classes. This, that and what not. I joined all the classes. But never gone to those classes. Inum sola pona mazhaiku kuda odhungandhu ila… Entrance ezhudhiyachu… Result vanchachu… Namaku dhan ezhudhum podhe theriyume ena result nu… Somehow managed to say the result in my home, acted as if the mistake was not mine and all done. COLLEGE…. Doctor ku seralam nu paatha en mark ku patient ah kuda ula seka maatanga… Engineering was the course which even a beggar can get a seat in college that time. Adhu oru kana kaalam. Nowadays even beggars are hesitating to take engineering.  One more battle came front. Appa sonaaru Mech edu nu, Amma soldranga CSC edu nu, Akka soldra ECE edu nu.. This time my Sis won. Aaathaa sathiyama enaku engineering na ena nu kuda theriyadhunga apa..  Took Engineering ECE stream in reputed Engineering College. Per sona siripinga… Vendam.. hmmm… Kadasi varaikum enaku en vaazhkai ku samandhame ilaama panitanga… I was behaving like a third person in my life. Sad. :(
          Naaalu varusham… Moochu thenera thenera bitu adichen. Ena padichen nu enaku theriyadhu… Ena nadathanaanga nu avangaluku puriyadhu… Aaga motham mudichuten..  Next dhan Velai thedum padalam… I have already told about my job search in my old post 2009 and 1/2. If you want continuation you can read that post after reading this. Kaludha vayasu aagudhu… Still I don’t know what I m doing and what I m upto. But, I will become a Super Star soon in one single song. Waiting for that song in my life. Now, its dedication time. I dedicate this post to my Dad, Mom and Sis who successfully collapsed and confused my life to the core.
       Thank you guys for reading it and happy reading…!!!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Pain Relief Sometimes PAIN..!!

Hulo Friends,

I am happy to meet you once again in my post which sounds interesting and fun for me but irritating and annoying for others except few. In this post I am going to write about pain, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, willingness, eagerness, sorrows, anguish, ecstacy and what not. In simple, if you want me to describe it in a single word its all about “LOVE”. Yes, this post is about Love and Love again.

LOVE - Can anyone define love ? According to me, Love can neither be defined nor can be understood. I thought about publishing a post regarding Love. And I used my GOOGLE uncle for studying about the same. Do you think I copy things from Google. Come on. Who doesn’t use Google ? Tell me.. A kid who got vexed up by asking parents to produce a sister or brother and finally gets help by google for producing sis or bro by themselves and ends up with correct solution that he or she cant get baby on their own.. Lolz. A teenager uses google for all *$#$* stuffs. A software engineer uses for getting codes. A doctor who is about to do kidney operation instead of brain operation ends up with correct brain operation. Thanks to google. Only thing it does’nt give is Mom and Dad. So, no harm using google. Lets come to the topic. GOOGLE… oops.. Sorry.. LOVE.. He he he..

Google uncle gave me lots of stuff regarding love. Let me first differentiate love which is described in the precious three books of religion. Quran, Bible and Bagavat gita. In Quran, Love is of three kinds. The first type of love that Islam calls for is the Love of Allah. The second type of love is the love of Prophet Muhammad, to follow his principles and manners. The third type of love is human love, it means that the Muslim has to love his other fellow men regardless of their ethnic, linguistic or cultural background. This includes love of neighbors, colleagues, relatives and even strangers. In Bible, again Love is of three kinds. Eros, which is sexual or romantic love. Phileo, which is a brotherly love toward someone we really like. Agape, which is the deepest love, which is based on doing good things for another person. In Baghavat Gita, Love is service. In hinduism, it can be differntiated into kama is pleasurable, sexual love, personified by the god Kamadeva. prema – or prem – refers to elevated love. karuna is compassion and mercy, which impels one to help reduce the suffering of others. bhakthi is a sanskrit term, meaning “loving devotion to the supreme God.” Hmmm… Lots of devotional stuff. But, all means the same at the end.

People have different perceptions on love. But, what I found is that projections of love in the material world are so misleading. The sitcoms, magazines, novels and almost every aspect of our daily lives are filled with false notions of so called love. It’s love that is based on the bodily concept…infatuation with the physical. kama as mentioned above alone is not Love. Come on.. Reading kamasutra one cannot develop Love. There are lot other kinds of love. According to me, I differentiate Love into many such bakwas kinds which people in the present world think that this is what Love means. Lolz.

Infactuation - Often, there is a misconception between infactuation and affection. But, it means one and the same. If you are attracted towards someone by their physical appearance and emotionally attached towards them without any proper reason or based on fantasy and idealization, it is said to be infactuation. Its kind of crush you have on other person, thinking and talking about him/her all the time, irrational one. Whereas, if you care for the person whom you like, do things for them, being for them, its said to be affection. Hope, I am right. Closeness, fondness, feeling warmth can be the characters of this kind of Love.

Sexual Love, if you want it to be pretty decent then take this word - Eros. A passionate love usually involving sexual feelings for a love interest. To be frank, person is seen only as a sex object for one’s own gratification. This kind of love is not long lasting one. This is mainly because of physical attraction and nothin else. Its purely lust based and it cannot be differentiated under Love. but, then yes.. Its a kind of love.

Platonic Love - This one is very common kind of love, which we can see in our daily life, which is within ourselves. Love towards the person who are close to you. Example can be collegue, neighbour. You do things together, share things, enjoy each other’s company, feel free to talk about anythin and everything, supportive, caring, helping, having trust and contentment. This can be the beautiful love I could say.

Puppy Love - A childish, innocent temporary crush on someone that you don’t know well. It usually occurs at young age. Feeling shy around the person, painful if there is no reciprocation, a kind of crush, dreamin about the particular person. Mainly you feel like heaven.( Apdiye kaathula medhakara mari irukum).

Romantic Love - You can say it as an abiding love for a partner with whom you feel passion, attraction, caring and respect. Its like a fairy tale. Meeting up in a candle light dinner, feel free to talk anything and everything, sharing, courtship, trust, passion, problems seem to vanish in air. Feel like romancing all the time. Sex comes as a small part but then, its forgivable in romance. Is it not?

Friendship Love - This is one of a kind. Love that has trust, contentment, reliability, easy going, sharing, good times, bad times, happiness, grief, being for the other person, supporting, long lasting, openess, a bond that is unbreakable and what not. Its Love. Its Friendship.

Spiritual/Divine Love - This type of love recognizes the Divine light in everyone and everything. Love is given to everyone as an act of loving God. Quran, Bible and Bhagavat gita explain this kind of Love.

Conditional Love - A love that requires specific action or conditions in order to be maintained. For example, I will love you IF you buy me this. Our relation will last longer IF you do this. The love is based on outside conditions and when they do not occur, the love is withdrawn.

Reasonal Love - A love that requires a reason to be maintained. For example, I love you BECAUSE you are sweet and caring. I love you BECAUSE you are smart and handsome. The love breaks up if the reason becomes wrong and its not long lasting one.

Self Love - This is a positive feeling that you have about who you are and what you deserve. It often is expressed by treating yourself well, respecting yourself, wanting yourself to be happy and expecting others to respect you too. And I am a self-lover. Lolz.

Sibling and Parental Love - The love towards your brothers and sisters and to your parents. This is.. oops… sorry… This was unchangeable once. Now, you can see lots of Old Age homes and can cry happy tears seeing love for their parents.

I have differentiated Love into many kinds. But, still there is one kind of love which I am still wondering where to place it and what to name it. Yes.. I am talking about present love stories. Researches are going on for finding out what kind of relation is that and they have named something called Live In Relationship. But, they are not sure of what kind of relation is that. Even, the people who are involved in such kind of relation don’t know what to explain and how to do it. I hope we get names and conventions for such kind of Love and once it has been confirmed, will write a post regarding it for sure. Dedication Time… I dedicate this post to all kind of lovers, acting lovers, people who love hating lovers, who love hating others, who hate loving others, lovely lovers, lovable lovers etc.,

This post has got no message. Only message is read it and have fun. Happy reading.

Monday, August 30, 2010

2009 and a Half

Hi Folks,

Here, I come up with another post, after a terrific blow I had from my dear friends who knew very well that I am not worth writing facts finding it. Still, they are having grudge on me for writing that post. I don’t mind though.. Anyways, here comes one more effective post. Some may think that its about them it has been potrayed, some may abuse me for stealing the story of theirs. But, fact is everywhere this is what happening. You copy, you get praised. Now, lets get back to what I am actually upto.

One sunny, yep.. its Chennai.. Ofcourse, it will be sunny.. Right.. One sunny early morning around 9am, a 21yrs old boy fully into a book called “Mobile Communication” by Bakshi. Background was a song from the tamil film Vaazhve Maayam - the lines goes like this.. “NAADAGAM VIDUM NERAM DHAN UCHA KAATCHI NADAKUDHU MA, MEDAI IRANGAVUM VESHAM KALAIKAVUM NERAM NERUNGUDHUMA….” Yes.. Situational song. The one reading the book was my friend Barani and the one singing the song would be.. yep yo got it… Its me.. It was around 9.50 am and we were into COPYRIGHT RESTRICTED ZONE.. Adhanga Examination hall… 10am everyone got Question paper. Till 10.30am, I was reading all the questions in question paper. WoW.. I know 3 full questions. Two 2 marks question and one 16 mark question. Then till 11am I was thinking what all questions shall I attend. Finaly, I started writing with great speed. I was writing writing writing writing till 11.30am. My hands started paining and my ink got over. So, I could not finish my paper and had to leave the hall. It was April 21,2009. That was my last exam of my engineering career. Results were announced in May,2009 and I was an Engineer officially. After seeing my results, Dad asked me “EPDI DA PASS AANA? “ I said “ EVALO VATI KETALUM INDHA KELVIKU MATUM ENKITA BADHILE ILA PAA….. “

Now sad scene. I felt bad for the first time in my lifetime for keeping fullstop to college life. How wonderful it was. Awesome class. Wonderful friends. Best lecturers. Tension-free life, one side love, double side love, teasings, sharings, sessions, labs, exams, practicals, punishments, only happiness was our taste of life. Podhu makkale thapa nenaika vendam.. I didnt feel bad really, not even a single bit. Infact I was the happiest one to leave college. Ena pandradhu cinema layu masala kekaranga, vaazhkailayu masala kekaranga.. Naalu fight, naalu song, naalu centiment scene, naalu comedy scene venum nu makkal pidivaadham pudikaranga.. Song, fight la vaka mudiyadhu.. Adhan centiment scene. Aye kadha mukiyam ilanga… No story needed. Adhan indha centiment scene.

May was the first month I spent more time at my home after a very long time, after I joined L.K.G I didnt get enough time to stay with my parents you know. May,2009 was the happiest month in the year 2009 1/2. My parents were happy. I was happy. My job that time was helpin my mom in kitchen, giving company to my mom in watching mega-serials, noon time naps. Helping my dad shave his beard, reading newspaper for him, dropping my sister and dad in their office and picking them up. Oops. My bro-in-law will be angry if I didnt mention him. Making his lunchbox ready, dropping him in his office and picking him back from office. My mom said ” You are very helpful and kind hearted. Lucky to have a child like you”.

June, the same continued with extra work. Downloading movies and watching it with my family, alone and with friends sometime. Routine job continued. No change. At the end of the month dad said ” What you gonna do in life?” First strike for me. Hands became stiff, nerves started protruding… Good taste of masala vadai.. Amma, dho vandhuten..

July, I was really busy because month by month extra burden, lots of responsibilities. Had to manage the previous works plus had to accompany my online friends in GAMING. Co-Op games. yeah… Very busy. My friends who got placed in good companies, called me and verupethified me and my parents. They made my parents blood raise. End of month sister said “Ne urupuda maata, olunga veli ooruku poi vela thedu. Apa dhan kashtam na ena nu theriyum.” Second strike. Waited for masala vadai smell, waited for oil bubbling sound… But, this time its train sound. Cut pana Arvind travelling to Bangalore in Bangalore Mail. Background song, ” ORU SOORAVELI KILAMBIYADHE.. RAJA THAANDAVAM THODANGIYADHE…. “ .

August, October, November, December in the year 2009 1/2 was really amazing months.. Spent daytime again with system and system only. No one to question me, lolz. Sola pona Raaja Vaazkai. Spent night time with a gang of guys who doesn’t know what TAMIL is. Lolz. yeah.. Everyone are from Andhra Pradesh Elugundala vaada venkataramana Govinda… I was like you know.. mouth locked. Namaku Engilipish arivu vera kammi dhana.. Ena nan soldradhu.. I walked telugu, I talked telugu, I sleeped telugu, I watched telugu, I lived telugu. Mind people all these happened in Bangalore, Karnataka, where they talk sleep watch live Kannada. December end, those who helped me in Bangalore said ” Dhandasoru saaptadhu podhum.. Ne ooruku kalambu, Kaathu varatum..” Third strike. This time its not masala vadai, its paayasam.. Aamanga AMMA laya… Pulaya pathu romba naal aagudhu nu vada payasathoda saapadu.

January,2010. Vaazkaila maraka mudiyadha naal. Enga appa ena thorathi thorathi adika, oore paatha naal. He he he.. Aamanga.. Endha appa ku dhan kovam varadhu.. I decided many things that day. 1st to get a good job, next munadiye vela kadacha ela friends ku revit adikardhu.. Revit.. revit you don’t know. Long nail keeping and striking with big hammer. Nembi la eduka mudiyadhu.. Yes. Sadha Arvind turned into Super Arvind. Started searching jobs. Registered in all possible jobsites. Applied even for stone breaking job. Adhanga kal udaikara vela. Mom said ” Oru maasam dhan, adhuku aparam na soru poda maaten” . Manasu valichudhu… :)

Feburary,2010. I roamed like a stray dog in all possible roads of Chennai, attended interviews in all possible companies. Edhukaga.. To earn money ? To gain status ? Nope. Moonu vela veetla soru kadaikanum nu… To get food 3 times a day in home. Hmmm.. Naanu eradha kolam ila… Pogadha kovil ila… Vendadha dheivam ila.. Oruthan vela tharala… Epdi tharuvan.. Interviewer will ask ” What you did these 9 months? “. I would say ” I don’t Know “. He would say “ Get out “. I would say ” I don’t care”. I will come home with all sadness and say ” Indha interview vu poiduchu, pasikudhu.. saapadu podunga”. My family members in group will shout “I don’t care”.

March,2010. I was in the middle of deep sea. No lifeboats, no life jackets, not even a TITANIC figure with me. I was all alone trying to swim. Ana namaku dhan swimming varaadhe. I was about to sink, apa oru kai ena kai koduthu thookudhu. Adhu dhan Cognizant. Anga oru song vakarom. “KODUKATA KODUKATA KOLKATA LA VELA ONU KODUKATA”. Paatu mudinja udane, cut pana Written Test. Questions ah paathu naan muzhika, question paper ena paathu kaari thupa oru vazhiya pass paniten. Next day technical round. “Aravind Raj” nu oru kural. I went inside. 20 minutes.. Moochu thenara thenara kelvi ketaaru. Mudinjudhe nu nambi ezhundha inoru 25 minutes. Avarala evalo kelvi keka mudiyumo avalo kelvi ketaaru. [Seperate Voice:Ungaluku kovam varala] Kelvi kekum podhu HR sonaaru evalo ketalum thaangaran da ivan romba nalavanu oru vartha solitaaru… Naanu evalo neram dhan answer therinja mariye nadikardhu…Oru vazhiya finished technical round. Next General HR round. It went for around 20 minutes. Background song “SODHANAI MEL SODHANAI, PODHUMADA SAAMI..”

March 21,2010. I got a mail from Cognizant saying that I got selected and I had to report on March 31,2010. I told my parents and especially my dad. My dad didnt belive me and checked the mail from cognizant. He came close to me and asked “EPDI DA SELECT AANA? “ I said “ EVALO VATI KETALUM INDHA KELVIKU MATUM ENKITA BADHILE ILA PAA….. “

This was the year in which I learnt how to act as if you are busy.This was the year in which I learnt how to spend time as if you have got no time. This is the year in which I learnt how to search job without searching job really and what not. This is 2009 1/2 year. I dedicate this blog to myself and many guys like me who spent a year full ideally without doing anything special. But, still succeeded in the end.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fabulous Facts !!!!

You cant stop reading..............


-->that Albert Einstein was considered retarded, Isaac Newton was thought to be a slow learner, Joseph Priestly (the discoverer of oxygen) never took a science course, and Louis Pasteur got a C in chemistry.

-->that in 1876 when G. G. Hubbard learned of his future son-in-law's invention, he called it "only a toy." This daughter was engaged to a young man named Alexander Graham Bell.

-->that in 1969 the New York Times published an apology for once printing derisive comments about an inventor's theory. Robert Goddard was on the receiving end of the Time's criticism of his contention that rockets could operate in outer space. The apology was printed the day after Apollo 11 left earth orbit for the moon.

-->that in the early 1940's a GE engineer was charged with a task of utmost importance to the war effort: develop a cheap substitute for rubber that would be used to produce tires, gas masks, and a whole host of military gear. James Wright tackled the task diligently -- and wound up inventing Silly Putty. Good thing he didn't work on the artificial heart.

-->that neither Wilber nor Orville Wright graduated from high school. However, they were both avid readers.

-->that Charles Goodyear began his experiments on rubber in a debtors' prison. He was there so often that he referred to it as his "hotel."

-->that Darryl F. Zanuck of 20th Century Fox thought TV was just a passing fancy. In 1946 he said, 'Video won't be able to hold any market after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night."

-->that in 1875, after more than eight years of experimentation, Daniel Peter of Switzerland, created milk chocolate. He sold his creation to his neighbour, Henri Nestlé, and Nestlé chocolate came into being.

-->that chocolate was responsible for invention of the microwave oven. A tube that produces microwaves was invented by British scientists during World War II. Called the magnetron, its ability to cook food was discovered by accident - when someone walked past and found a chocolate bar in his pocket had been melted. This led directly to microwave ovens, the first models of which were the size and weight of a refrigerator.

-->that 90% of men that have walked on the moon were once Boy Scouts.

-->that Australians spend more than 3 hours every day watching television but only 12 minutes talking to their partner.

The most important fact is that of the 120,000 blogs created daily, 50% are about the same subject

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Male Brain Vs Female Brain

Hi friends,
             I wanted to say thanks for all who just read my post, who read and scolded me for blogging and people who thinks that my blog really sucks and people who really don’t give a damm to my post. I thank one and all for your absolute encouragement. Andyour thoughts boosted me to come up with one more post. Regarding HUMAN BRAIN. As we all know, there are 2  kinds of human, Male and Female. Ofcourse, FEMALE said to be weak, placid natured, tender, kind hearted dominate strong, rugged, forceful MALE. Rofl… Anyways this post is not about whole of male and female but, about their BRAINS. How it works and how it thinks and what it does.
            Male Brain which is always critcised to have nothing in it, quite true sometimes, consists number of say BOXES. Loads of many seperate boxes which are very different, independent boxes. Here, I can compare both male and female brains considering some constraints like stress, emotions etc., When a male discuss about any particular topic, he picks that particular topic’s box carefully not touching or disturbing any other adjacent boxes and places it back in that place without any disturbance to other boxes once he finishes his discussion about that particular topic. Whereas Female Brain is full of intricate, complex set of twisted wires. No seperation of thoughts, all running at the same time. Thinking about her children, husband, the gal with beautiful ear-ring. It may be anything but 90% useless things. Even now girls reading this post may think about me, the monitor, concious about their attire, anything. ANYTHING means ANYTHING. Considering emotions of male and female, Female brain has numerous numbers of twisted wires which are controlled by nothing but only emotions. Female without emotions are not said to be Females. Female brain thinks anything and everythin with emotions. From hair pin to aeroplane thoughts surrounded by emotions. Considering Male brain, emotions are contained in the box which is almost negligible. Frankly speaking we males don’t care. We give much importance to girls than to our emotions. Thats true. Its fact. Lolz.. Considering Stress constraint, Female cant withstand their stress. They will be dying to share it with others. Say for example, If women is freaking out with stress and if she comes to a man and shares it… MEN please dare not to advice or give suggestions to overcome their stress. She really does’nt need it. She will bang you if you give a suggestion to come out of it. Lolz.. She doesn’t need your advice, only she needs some dumb person to listen what she wanted to say. As it is very obvious males are the dumb persons for females. Male brains respond differently to stress. Unlike all boxes which has different thoughts there is a box in all male brains which contains NOTHING. Nothing means nothing, not even a single piece of thought. It can be called NOTHING BOX ultimately containing nothing. When Male are stressed they often tend to go to this nothing box. Women are always thinking. Their brain is continuously working.  It doesn’t have any purpose, but they keep thinking shit all the time. Guys have the ability to sit right there for 15 or more minutes seriously thinking about NOTHING. I can explain you with an example. Take an normal husband and wife. Husband who is really frustrated with his stressful job searches for nothing box and thinks seriously about nothing. Wife coming by his side asking “Honey, What are you thinking about?” Husband amused by her question thinks for a while (he has to come out of nothing box, lolz it takes time) answers “NOTHING”. Wife being a women doesn’t know how to think nothing. She asks him ” Come on honey, Share it with me.. What are you thinking about?”. Husband replies seriously “I think nothing”. Wife being a female obviously looses patience and starts yelling at him.. “How can someone think nothing. There got to be something. Won’t you share it with me”.  And words fight will turn into hands fight and then ends up in court smiling at each other having their divorce papers in hand, female searching another dumb male and male searching another beautiful, sexy, brilliant(though its not possible) female.
            So, from this post what I wanted to say all is “Women cant be changed and same case is with Men”. So, lets not understand what brain does, how it allows us to think, bla bla.. Lets lead our life dumb with our dumbo heads with dumb brains.

My First Blog..!!!

Hi guys... 
          Here, I come with my new blog where I have decided to share all my views and thoughts regarding anything and everything. To create a blog and actively participate in it was my friend's long days desire. Deep within me I always wanted to start blogging and share things but as people who know me very well say I am damm lazy to do so. Anyways from now on you can find me actively blogging and this is for my friend Peen who always wanted me to start blogging. I dedicate my first blog to him. This blog is free to all. They can comment, abuse, participate, share things, appreciate and what not. So lets rock. Happy blogging. Happy Reading. Soon see yea with my new post.

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