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ReMiX StOry !!!!

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, real things, living, non-living, dead or alive is purely a miracle, may be coincidental. The characters, story line, screen play herein are impersonated very poorly. People are reading this blog at your own risk. If you do not completely understand and agree with the conditions of this disclaimer, then you should not read one word on this blog and leave this Blog immediately after commenting.
                  Sangavai said, “Dad, I love Mohe and I want to marry him. Dont forget the dealing. I will have to break the promise then. I cant marry anyone else other than Mohe.” Rangamani, “Dear, See this photo and then decide. I will give you time.” Andha dealing ena nu aparam soldren… SUSPENSE..
What happened a few years later to ten minutes before….?!?!?! FLASHBACK starts…………………….
                  In a beautiful city called New Francisco which is in Tamil Angeles state, a family of four was living in a small but beautiful house. They named their house as “Obama Illam”. Eldest one was Abdulla who was husband of Kalaivaani ofcourse a girl. They had two kids and the eldest was daughter Jenifer Begam and youngest kid was Mohammed Muruga. Abdulla worked in a private transport company as an accountant and his wife Kalaivaani was house wife, style ah solanum na home maker. Jenifer Begam was very brisk and studious. She remained always a better kid than their son Mohammed Muruga.  Jenifer finished her college and was attending interviews.Thier financial status was very bad as Abdulla was very honest and hard working but never knew shortcuts. They struggled to bring up their kids and finally Jenifer Begam got a job after a hard struggle. She spent all her earnings on family and brought their family to a status which was very difficult to achieve with Abdulla’s income. Mohammed Muruga in turn wasted time  with friends, night outs, boozing parties and what not. Somehow cleared 12th Std and got into a mokka Engineering college and reads good for atleast getting border pass marks. He had lots of arrears. His friend Perumal Peter gave intro to a girl who is his schoolmate. Her name is Sangavai and she had a sister called Angavai. Sangavai and Mohammed Muruga started messaging each other. There it started. They exchanged each and everything through messages but never bothered to talk or meet each other. Few months went like this. And one day she called Mohammed and said in a shivering voice “Mohe, I need to meet you. wanted to say something really important”. Mohe was his pet name and hearing that mohe’s heart started beating faster. He said, “Okay, When shall we meet?” They decided to meet each other and fixed a place and time. Sangavai dressed up very well that day and was eager to meet Mohammed. She was wearing a white salwar with blue bindhi and it was as beautiful as clouds and in the midst blue sky visible. Mohammed who is not that good looking dressed up as best he can. But nothing worked out. He was short but little tall, fair but liitle black, lean but little fat. He was wearing green shirt and pink pant with red tie. They met each other in the most wonderful place in the world GoaKuppam, few kms away from miami kuppam. She said “Mohe, We are so close to each other”. Mohe replied,” Oh sorry, Let me move back a bit”. Sangavai,” Idiot, I didnt mean that. You stole, you stole…” Mohe with fast breadth,” Sangu, I didnt steal anything only once I took your ring when you are asleep. I am sorry.” Sangu frowned her face and told ” Mohe, Will you just keep quiet?”. Both were in silence for sometime. Only heard voices were the sound made by Mohe’s stomach. He was hungry, he didnt have anything in the noon. Then, she started again. “Mohe, you stole my heart, I think I love you. I want to spend life with you. What feelings you have for me.?” Mohe shocked to hear what she has spoken took few seconds and replied “Ena, ena peeelingu”. Mohe thought for a long time and came to a conclusion that Sangu will take good care of him and he accepted her proposal. ” I love you Mohe” said Sangu. “I three love you, lets celebrate this come on buy me  something to eat.”
                  They loved each other very deeply, very deeply and very deeply. Many days went with loads of romance, many days went with so much of fights. Somehow he managed to get his degree. But, he had no job. Sangu got a job in big MNC company but still he didnt get job. They used to meet every evening in beach and one day unfortunately they both met Sangu’s dad Rangamani. He is so cool and down to earth person said her daughter, “Dont say that I came to beach with next house aunty Thangamani.” Sangu being smart proposed for a deal. She said him ” Dad, I wont say this to mom, but you should accept our love and make us get married”. Sangu’s dad was thinking for a while but he liked the deal. He agreed to it. IDHU DHAN ANDHA DEALING!!! One day Rangamani went to Mohe’s house and spoke with Abdulla regarding his daughter’s interest. Abdulla first was little furious hearing this but then accepted. But, Abdulla was little confused because his son is unemployed. Sangu asked his dad to get a job for Mohe and he got a job through reference of Rangamani. The job is to go to the top of the Airdontel Signal Tower and  send away Vadafone signal. They were so happy and they were very much close that they just spent life like husband and wife even before marriage. Then came villains. Sorry Villies… One Mohe’s sister Jenifer Begam and another Sangu’s sister Angavai. Angavai and Jenifer joined as a gang, tried hard to break up their relation. Their bond was so good that none can do anything. Finally, Angavai and Jenifer got busy with their own life. Meanwhile Rangamani decided to marry her daughter with his relative kid who was smarter and handsome than Mohammed. Rich than Mohammed too. He is going to Amjikarai next month for he got VISA for three years.
FLASHBACK ends……………….                  Sangavai with great hesitation took the photo which was kept on the table by her dad. The photo was upside down and it was written “With Love, EyesThousand” (Puriyala peru Kanaayiram). He turned the photo and was surprised to see a handsome, smart guy standing on road platform with patapati shorts and SlowTrack sunglasses. She was confused what to do. She cant decide whom to choose. She spent few seconds thinking, thinking and thinking. Then she decided to meet both of them. So she called both Mohammed and EyeThousand to the same place where she proposed Mohe. She closed her eyes and thought for a moment.  She said to Mohe,”I love Mohe, but love doesnt make us live. Money is needed. When I compare money and love, money wins. I am sorry,Mohe.” Mohammed thinks “Vada Poche”… Finally, Mohe’s family visits Sangavai’s marriage while Mohe visits Melpaakam Mental Hospital. Sangu Sangu nu aasaya kuptan adhan end card la sangu oodhita…!!!
Moral of this Story: Dont waste time. Time is really precious..
Happy Reading.


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       I have differentiated the original lyrics of the song in blue color and the meaning of it in the next line in red color. Here we go...

Voda voda voda thooram korayala... Running running running distance didn't get reduced... Paada paada  paada paatum mudiyala... Singing singing singing song didn't get over... Poga poga poga onum puriyala, aaga motham onum velangala... Time passing by nothing able to grasp, totally nothing understood...
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கல்யாண பால்
காதலில் ஜெயமென்றால் கணவன் அஃதில்லையேல் 
அடுத்தப்பெண்ணை  தேடல் ஜெயம்.

மனைவி அமைவது இறைவன் கொடுத்தவரம்
அதைமாற்றி அமைப்பவன் புத்திசாலி.

பெண்ணுக்கு கழுத்தில் ஏறும் தாளிசங்கிலி
அஃது ஆணின் மரணசங்கிலி.

ஆண் பெண் திருமணம் செய்துவிடல்
சந்தோஷம் என்பது கணவாம்.

தாரம் தாய்போற் இருப்பின் அதிர்ஷ்டம்
நாய்போற் இருப்பின் துரதிருஷடம்.

 கல்யாணம் ஆனபின் குழந்தைப்பேறு அழகு
முன்னேரே பெற்றால் அசிங்கம்.

கல்யாணம் சுவர்கத்தில் நிச்சயிக்கப்படும் ஆனபின்
வாழ்வோர் நரகத்திலே வாழ்வார்.  

தாய் தாரம் அடிதடிக்கு நடுவில்
ஆட்டநடுவராக இருத்தல் ஆபத்து.�����…