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U name it - Part 3

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Here is the third part, most awited part even if it is not the most awaited. :D If you didn't read part 2, you can read it here.
                         Vijay, Karthik's villain was senior to Jillu and WAS friend of her. They used to talk, chat regularly and this was hated by the hero. A lover possessive about his or her lover is not a new thing. But, Karthik was different, he is broad minded and never restricts her for anything. But, this Vijay was the only person to whom he restricted Jillu. He is so good and humble. Never you can see him showing off and talks so jovial for which many girls will fall for him. This made him restrict Jillu and she didn't like it. Once she showed his message to him and the message was "Darling, I would rather die not talking to you. Mmmuah". Karthik's anger at his peak but controlled his temper said politely "This is going somewhere which we didn't expect. Tell him that you already have a bf and ask him not to send such msgs." She snatched her mobile from his hand and walked away without saying a word.  "Jillu.. Wait.. Jillu...", shouted Karthik. She left without turning back. No messages or calls from her and she didn't even mind picking Karthik's call or reply to her messages. Karthik sent a message finally,"Sorry, I should not have said that. I trust you." No reply. Next day call from Jillu, Karthik picked up.
                      Jillu: I will stop messaging or talking to him. I am sorry.
                      Karthik: I don want you to stop talking to him. Just say him that we are in relationship.That's more than enough.
                      Jillu: Okay. Love yea.. Bye.
                      Karthik: Love yea too.
                Karthik felt happy and relieved. Their love life was as good as just blossomed flower. Everything was going fine till that one day. That day might be the worst day in his life. A call from an unknown number, Karthik picks up and says, "Hello". Surprisingly Jillu was on the other side. "Karthik, my family got to know that I am loving you. They got my mobile and I can't call or message you for some days till everything gets fine. Don't call or message me for few days. I will call you whenever I can." Karthik, "But, Jillu... How come..? How did they come to know..?". "This is not the time I can explain things. I m going to hung up. Bye." said Jillu. "But, Jillu when will you call me again?".(Beep) Jillu... Jillu... (Beep)". Karthik was confused, his heart froze fa a minute. It took sometime for him to realize what had happened.
                     No calls. No messages. Karthik became mad. He couldn't concentrate on anything. A week after, he called up her friend. "Hello, Raagavi.", said Karthik. "What a surprise..? You have my number? And you do call YOUR Jillu's friends..? Interesting..", said a steeky voice from other side. "Raag.. Ahem ahem..". Clearing his throat and Cautious that no one should know what had happened, Karthik continued.. "I called up Jillu and she is not picking up. Ask her to call me back as soon as possible". Raagavi,"I was wondering how pigeon visiting crow's nest. I will talk to her." Karthik relieved a bit said, "Thanks Raagavi, thanks a lot. Bye." and hung up the phone.

                   Raagavi called Jillu and she didn't pick up her call. She went to her home as she stayed a street away from Jillu's home. She knocked the door. Her mom opened the door and let her in. "Where is Jillu aunty..?", asked Raagavi before she could think that she had mentioned Jillu instead of Priya. "Jillu..? Apdina..?", questioned Jillu's mom. Still thinking how to manage it, she said, "We call her like that aunty, her nick name.", said Raagavi. "Oh Apadiya.. She is in her room. Go and see her. I will bring juice for you both", said her mom and left to kitchen. She saw a shadow of a girl sitting in the corner of the room with lights off. She went near and could see Jillu sobbing. Raagavi was told the whole story and by the time she finished the door opened. Her mom came and gave them juice. She gave a wierd look and said, "I hope you will be a good friend of her's rather than being a spy for someone." and left the room. Raagavi was silent. Jillu, still crying.

                   Raagavi, broke the silence. What have you decided?, she asked. "I have not decided anything. But for sure, if I continue they will kill him. I am going to end this relationship by saying something. I want him to live happily.", said Jillu. Raagavi, "But, he loves you so much and won't just go away if you leave him. Instead you can talk about this on your side and sort things out." Jillu crying. Clears her throat, wipes off her tears and said," You know about my parents and relations. This is the end." Silence maintained. Again Raagavi broke it by saying, "It's your life. It's your wish. You two make a very good pair. Think and decide. He called me yesterday. He wants to meet you. Meet him and say your decision. I will take my leave. If anything is there to help you out, reach me. I am happy to be a spy for a lovely couple. Bye." Raagavi bid bye to aunty and left the place. While going back home, she got a call from Jillu. She said, "Hello, Don't say him what has happened. Just say him that I will meet him tomorrow on Shanghai Lake. 4pm. Bye." Before Raagavi could could speak anything(Beep).

                  Jillu reached the place at sharp 4pm but could'nt find Karthik. Hero asusual late for the meeting. Stuck up in traffic reached the place around 4.20pm. In between many calls but hero was not able to pick up since he was driving. Jillu got so pissed off. When he entered the lake, She came near him, "Even in this situation, you don't want to maintain your time. Fine. I got caught by mom and my whole family came to know that I am loving. I cant call or message you anymore. I don't when things will become normal. There are chances we could breakup. Please be concrete to accept whatever the end may be. Bye ."
(First part starting) In a long shot, a boy of 6ft tall running towards the camera shouting "Jillu.. wait.. please.. Jillu.." Guess what ? Hero of the story obviously.. "Karthik, please understand.. My parents came to know about our love. I should go home now. I m afraid what's going to happen. I will call you when things become normal. Till then please don't call me over my phone or try to see me..", voice of a girl who is 5.7ft tall, lean, fairly fair, curly hair, kiddish, naughty, classy figure.. Simple ah solanum na sumaaraana payanuku sooper figure. Her name was Priya, Priya Madhavan. Karthik, "Okay. I won't call you, but you call me whenever it's possible. I need to know whether everything is going fine or not. Even a msg will do. Please do that atleast." She left the place saying "Bye, Kats". Only God knows how she was feeling bad for what she was talking.

                This is how their love ended up  in first part. Everyone must be wondering how the villain in second part was the one to put end card for their love. Coming soon. coming soon.

                Karthik was like mad indulged in all possible activities trying to forget his past but all was in vain. 4 months later, Karthik was walking to Shanghai Lake and called up Deepana and asked about Jillu. He said, " I tried but, I could'nt come over it. I need her. I want her. I want to talk to her parents. I don't mind even if they kill me. I just wanted to see them once. I am confident that I can convince them. Will you arrange for it please." Deepana don't know what to tell and how to tell. She started with a whithering mild voice, "Karthik, She is engaged to Vijay. They are getting married next month. She was not true to you Karthik. If she loved you, she would have fought hard with her parents. She is not worth you. Please forget her and move one. She is happy. I want you to be happy too. Bye.", Deepana read these lines from a paper showed in front of her by Jillu who was crying harder that she could hardly breathe. Birds stopped flying. Tides stopped. Trees stopped moving. His heart beat stopped for a moment. He fell down on the pathway. A hand came to help him. A soft little hand which wiped dirt on his shirt and shoulder and hair. Karthik looked at her. (BGM: Nam thana nam thana nam thana aahaaa haaa aaahaaa). Birds started flying. Tides continued. Tress started waving. 

              The end of Jillu and start of another Jillu in next part. Keep waiting. Happy reading.

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U name it - Part 2

Hi                If you missed out first part of this story, have a look here. Those who are not interested in hearing rest of the story, you can close it without any hesitation and those who are in half minded and people wish to continue reading, special thanks to them. Go ahead.
                "Macha, un kadhal thothadhu indha boomiku kooda pudikala da.. Free ah vidu machi.. Ava kadakara.. Ava illana ena oorla vera ponne illaya... Worth e illa machi...", a voice from a guy who was in shorts next to Karthik. He is Karthik's friend, Arjun who stays next to him. Karthik, very confused, "Dae indha matter enake ipa dhaana da theriyum.. Adhukulla epdi da unaku..? " Arjun with wicked laugh, "Machi ohvoru ponnunkum oru feeling. Andha ponuku vera feeling.. Indha maariyellam nadakum nu enaku anaike theriyum. Sari, Kaasu ushaar panu, night sarakadikalaam..". He left the place and Karthik so confused left the place.
                  Screen with lots of rings circling - Flashback. "Dae Karthik ezhudhuru da. Mani enna aagudhu.. College ku kelamba vendaama...? (Dae Karthik, get up.. See what's the time. You have to start for college..)" his mom yelled at him. "I am not going today mom. Severe stomach pain. Couldn't tolerate". His mom, "Sari ne thoongu. Na kasaayam eduthutu varen.(Oh dear, take rest. I will bring you a kasaayam which will make you feel better.)" A stounding voice," Un pulaiku matum dhaan di vayiru nenjula iruku.. Mariyadhaya ezhundhu kelambu.. Ila belt pinjudum.(Only for your son, stomach will be on his chest. Get up and get ready or else I will kick you.)" his dad pounded. With lot of hesitation, still lying on bed turning all around the bed. His phone rang and it was --- :D Jillu..

                               Karthik - Hello Jillu. Good Morning.
                               Jillu - Hello da. Started to college?
                               Karthik -  No, still on bed.
                               Jillu - Hey, start soon and reach college. Daily you go late to college which is not good. Text me once you reach college. Bye. Love you.
                               Karthik - Give me one hour. Bye. Love you too.

Karthik jumping out of bed, getting ready in another 15 minutes and started from home. His mom,'' Dae vayiru valikudhu nu soniye da..(You told your stomach is paining?)" His dad replying, "Ipa vayiru illa de.. College poi message panala na heart valikum..(Now, his stomach won't pain, if he doesn't reach college and message, his heart would pain.)". His mom confused, Karthik totally understood what his dad was upto without saying a word left home and reached in 45 minutes.

                    Karthik reached his classroom, it was Thermodynamics class. Lecturer, "Inaiku late ah. Ne ellam enga urupada pora..? Poi kadasila ukaandhu gal frnd ku msg anupu. Po.(Today also late? You will never come up in your life. Go and sit at last send msgs to your gf)". Karthik, with full grin, "Apadiye aagatum MM."  "MM nu koopta serupu pinjudum. Olunga poi ukaandhudu." MM is his nickname. He is coming from Mudichoor and his name is Mohan. Wait, its not Mudichoor Mohan. One of Karthik's classmate uncle (mama) and thats the name MM - Mudichoor Mama. He walked towards the last bench and had a seat next to his friend Arjun. "Enda inga vandhu class gavanika poradhu illa. Adhuku seekarama vandhu dhaan tholayen da.. (Anyways you are not going to listen class. Come early and you can message her na..)". Karthik giving Arjun a sarcastic look, " Machi, seekaram varardha pathiyo punctual ah irukardhuko enaku kavala illa, but na seekaram vandhadha paaratrathuku yaarum seekaram vandhurka maatangale..(I don't have problem in coming early, but no no one will there to appreciate it.)". Arjun, "Poda, neeyum un logic um. Kaalangaathaala bad words pesa vakaadha,, Un vela enna messgae anupardhu dhaana. Andha velaya paaru. Na class gavanikaren. Disturb panadha." Karthik, " Dae ne laam class ah gavanikaren nu solladha da ulagam azhinjudum. Ivanungale azhiyaadha ulagatha ipa azhiyum apa azhiyum nu konjam konjama azhichutu irukuraanga. Ne vera." Arjun smiled at him and Karthik took his mobile from his pocket started messaging.

                        "Enda verum Hi. Maane, thene, pon maane, indha maari edhavadhu pottu anupa vendiyadhaane. (Why only sending Hi, you can add dear, honey etc., to it na.)" said Arjun. Karthik got a reply.

                        "Enda 45 minutes la neenga oruthara oruthar miss panuvinga, reply ku late. Idhellaam ungaluke konjam over ah therila..?", giggled Arjun.

                          "Enda ipdi anda puzhugu puzhugara..? Bus la thongikitu varum podhu usuroda college poi seranum nu kadavula nenapiyaa illa avala nenapiyaa? Enda ipdi poi ah pesi nadikaringa..? (Why are you lying so much? Will you think God when you are having a hanging bus ride or will think about her? Why are you people acting so much?)", said Arjun with a low voice.
                             "Ipa dhaana da sona kalaila vayuru vali. Edhu saapdla nu.. Ipa dosa nu soldra..? Dhrogi da ne.. Na ivalo pesarene engayavadhu madhikaraana paathiyaa.? Idhuku dhaan da indha love pandra pasangalodaye sera kudadhu nu soldradhu.. Yov MM podhum ya.. Ne vera kaach moochunu kathikitu.. (Now only you told that you had stomach pain, didn't eat anything and you her messaging her that you had dosa. I am talking so much and see whether he responds to any of my blabber. This is why we should not make friendship with the guys who love. Yov MM stop teaching and get some break.)", said irked Arjun.

                               "Black ku samandhame illaama blue color jeans, white ku samandhame illaama red color tshirt. Epdi da koocha padama same pinch soldra..? Idhuku mmmuaah vera.. Ena Koduma Sir idhu..?( Totally opposite to black, blue jeans and totally contrast to white red tshirt and you are saying same pinch. She is kissing you for that. Ena Koduma sir idhu?)", said frustrated Arjun. Finally, Karthik opened his mouth eyes wide opened, "Its not about lie dude. I said something which made her excited and happy. She is feeling good and I feeling good and happy coz she is happy. Idhallem love, Pyaaar.." said Karthik. "Indha piyaar la venaam ya.. Un kaala venaalum vizharen..", said Arjun with funky voice.
                                 "Anga ena da satham", shouted lecturer Mohan. "Summa pesikitu irundhom mama.", shouted the whole class. Bell rang with the vibration of Jillu's message.

                                 "Indha pozhappuku pichai edukalaam.(For this job, you can go and beg.)", said Arjun. "Poi edu naana venaam nu soldren.(Go and beg. I m not stopping you.)", Karthik finished off the conversation. 

                          Ipdiyaaga Karthik, Jillu kaadhal poga naduvulla vandhaan oru villain.
Maddy Maddy.. Oh..Oh.. Maddy.
Maddy Maddy.. Oh..Oh.. Maddy.
This guy's on some fire,
Object of desire,
Never in the sack,
And off the beaten track,
Hey, watch way up one jot,
He's really kick-ass hot,
Hey, watch way up one jot,
He's really kick-ass hot,

Oho, Maddy, Maddy, oh oh Maddy,
Oho, Maddy, Maddy, oh oh Maddy, (go dude)
Maddy, Maddy, oh oh Maddy,
Give it away now,
Maddy, Maddy, oh oh Maddy,
Give it away, give it away now,
Give it away now,
                      Ena da villain nu sollitu Hero intro song kodukaraane nu paakaringala. Ena pandradhu, ivan konjam, konjam illa nariyave smart aana villain. Rich guy ah Vella Tholla summa thala thala nu panakaara payan. Apa Karthik mari local payanuku villain dhaana.. :D

How is he villain to their love, what happened, how did this end up to first part of U name it ? Wait the expected. Coming soon.

Happy Reading.!!!

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