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“Chitti - The mokka” Story - Part 4

Hi guys,
               Let me move on to the fourth part of the story. If you want to read previous parts of the story, you can read it here. First part - here. Second part - here. Third part - here.

               John shouted and woke up as if he had really jumped out of the train.All his body was drenched with sweat. He looked around, he could see Angelina sleeping as if she was drunk. Harish still reading the novel. It was a dream and it was the answer for Angelina's question. Again, John slept covering his body fully. He doesn't want to dream anymore. Darkness is better than a dream, he thought.

               It was morning 7.30am. Sun rays falling on John's back to say that SUN is back. But, John couldn't realize that its time to wake up, still sleeping like stuck pig. Angelina got up and she tried to get down from the upper berth and falls on John's. John screamed in the morning which made the whole train tremble. It was ten minutes to reach "NOWHERE". It was the last station and all of them took their baggage, getting ready to get down. Train came to a stop. All got down from the train one by one. John and Angelina got down from the train. Soon number of porter's surrounded them. There was a porter who stormed in the gang and no wonder he won among the all others. He was wearing red shirt with a badge on his right hand. He was little short, ahhhhh.. Nope.. Too short. He managed to load their bags on his head. Angelina told, "You are too short. I know the reason. You had been carrying baggage on your head from the childhood and that's the reason you are short. Am I right? What is your name?". The porter didn't ope his mouth. Again, Angelina asked his name. He replied with frustrated face, " I am AnandaKannan Maarkandeyan. I am short because I am like actor SURYA. Now keep quiet and come".

               Angelina kept quiet and John was busy seeing other girls. Angelina saw a cake shop at the entrance of the station and she is fond of cakes. She pestered John to buy her cakes. But, John refused. AnandaKannan basically a poor fellow but he has got lots of sister sentiment. He bought her a cake. But, John didn't like it. Angelina happily ate the cake. They again started walking to nearby Taxi corner. Before they could reach the nearby Taxi, Angelina thanked AnandaKannan for the cake and mentioned that "John didn't liked it because he didn't get to eat that cake. Anyways, I am happy that you got cake but unhappy that  John didn't like it." AnandaKannan got his money and walked back without saying a word. 

                The taxi driver took their luggage, kept it in the diki and got into car. He introduced himself  to them. "Hi, I am Keezhakundhu Noorumugam. Where you want to go? ". John showed him the address and taxi moved slowly.  Keezhakundh got a call and he was talking in bits and pieces of telugu. Angelina who knows five languages in telugu was excited about this as she finally got a person who can talk telugu, if not proper telugu atleast a handsome. She started talking to him in telugu and keezhakundh replied her in telugu of what he knows. Finally, the reached the place where they wanted to. John and Angelina got down from the car and a friend of Angelina was waiting at the entrance of the big bunglow ready to welcome them. John has to pay 100 rupees for taxi, but he has got only 75 rupees. He was fighting with Keezhakundh while Angelina stormed the front gate.

                 As she entered the gate, she could find a big little fat girl shouting at her, actually barking at her. It was Sujatha Priyamilladarshini's dog. Angelina stopped seeing the dog as it was constantly barking. John came in and gave a smile, dog immediately stopped barking. Angelina was surprised.

ANGELINA : How come John ?
JOHN          : I know Dog language. Barking dog seldom bite. you know that.
ANGELINA : But, you shameless dog, you shout and you bite. (Words came out of her mouth as if it was not intended to).
JOHN          : Did you tell something?
ANGELINA : I said I am lucky to have such a wondeful dog. Oops, darling.!!!

              Sujatha made her dog sit and let John and Angelina inside. Sujatha was very happy for Angelina, because tomorrow is her big day. Yep. She is getting married in Registar Office. And Sujatha is going to sign for their marriage. She made all necessary arrangements for the marriage. She invited one of her very close friend for Angelina's marriage and anytime she will reach Sujatha's place. Angelina and Sujatha hugged each other as they were seeing after a very long time, but Sujatha couldn't tolerate the stinking Angelina, asked her to take bath and come. Both John and Angelina were fighting for bathroom and finally decided. They took bath and came. Breakfast was served on the table. They all took a seat and took a plate, started eating. John was busy eating that he didn't even find a cockroach on his plate, took it and ate it screaming IDLI is awesome with crunchy munchy taste.

             Angelina was excited about the big day tomorrow and was reassuring whether everything will be fine tomorrow. A bell rang and silence prevails. Sujatha thinks that it might be her friend whom she has called. But, she is not sure. She goes near the door, again a bell ring. This time very hard one. She slowly opened the door, there stood a guy with neat dress.

STRANGER    : Hi Madam, I am Poovaram Periyasamy from KFC bank. 
SUJATHA       : Hi. What do you want?
POOVARAM : I just came to tell you that you had got a wrong account number. The acccount which you had opened newly in KFC bank got exchanged with someother guy. I think it's your salary account. Did you check it out.
SUJATHA      : Oh my God. Fine. Is that all fine now?
POOVARAM : Yes Madam. Here is your account details. It will be activated in 24 hours. Thank you Madam. Have a good day. (Poovaram leaves the place and notices that his bike Yamaha FZ has fallen down. He ran towards it, tried to pull him back and somehow started it and left the place.)

              Sujatha with disappointed face came in. John asked her what happened ? Sujatha said everything what had happened. John hearing that was shocked, his first question was "What about your salary?".
Sujatha little irritated said, "I already got it and it will be fine tomorrow. Don't worry". They were sitting in the dining room. Again bell rang. This time, they were real frightened. They didn' want to open the door. So, they kept quiet. Again bell rang. Silence prevails all over the house. Even a pin drop sound could be heard. John after his heavy breakfast couldn't control his nature's sound. Whole bunglow was echoing.

            Sujatha got up closing her noes went near the door. Sweat dropped from Angelina's eyebrows to her cheeks rolled down on the tabel. Sujatha touched the knob of the door. The bell rang again. She was frightened. She opened the door and BANG.!!!!

To be Continued....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Chitti - The mokka" Story - Part 3

Hi all
              Let me continue with third part of my previous story. The link for the first part is here and the link for the second part is here

              Angelina had many dreams which she told John one by one and one should see the face reaction of John. He was hearing it, as if someone is singing lullaby. The talk prevailed nearly for an hour and it was almost 9.30 in the night. Till then, they didn't know that they were sitting next to a problem. Yes. A man of average height in neat attire was sitting next to John. His name was "Harish - Son Of Gun"   He was reading a novel of a famous writer "Sujatha". The novel's name was "Oru Prayaanam Oru Kolai (One Journey One Murder)". He was stunning handsome and very keen in reading the book even his hair was moving left to right as if it was reading the book, due to the fan that was above him.

              Angelina was tired of talking and she wanted to sleep. So, she asked John whether they can sleep. John was tired of listening to what she blabbered, so even he decided to sleep. Harish berth was lower one. John middle one and John's upper berth. John  thought of talking to Harish and started the conversation.

JOHN      : Hi, I am John.
HARISH : Muzhusa nala 5.30 adi peepa mari iruka, Jaan nu soldra.
JOHN      : It's not that john. Its John. My name is John Tobacco.
HARISH  : Oh cool. What do you want ?
JOHN       : Shall we sleep?
HARISH  : What do you mean, you @^#&! ?
JOHN      : Again you mistook. I meant sleeping alone in different berth alloted to us.
HARISH  : Fine. Go and sleep. Why the hell are you disturbing me.
JOHN       : Nope. I need to make the middle berth ready, so that I can lie on it.
HARISH  : What you want me to do now ?
JOHN : If you adjust and sleep in the opposite berth, me and my wife would sleep.
HARISH  : Opposite berth, What the hell? Why I need to shift ? I have paid for the ticket and I will be sleeping in my berth. You do whatever you want. Sleep, dont sleep.. Not my problem. Get the hell out of here.
JOHN      : Ok. Ok. Cool.

(When this conversation was getting heated up, a man with black coat and bunch of papers in hand came near the place where they were sitting. He had a yellow bag under his arm and was wearing big spectacles. He was very fond of punch dialogues and he had punches whenever he talks. For example: My name is Gopi... Always you should be  happy..) His name was Dr. Gopi Krishna MA.MA, B.E,BEd, M.B.B.S

GOPI       : Ticket, ticket ticket.... 
HARISH : Here is my ticket.
GOPI       : (Pointing John) Where is your ticket ?
JOHN      : Here is my ticket.
GOPI       : Idiot, Thats a girl sitting next to you.
JOHN      : Yep. This is my ticket.
GOPI       : I am gonna kick your *&* out. Where is your train ticket ?
JOHN      : Oh, you are asking about train ticket? Here it is.
GOPI       : (Now pointing two guys who were sitting opposite to Harish and John.) Where is your ticket and what is your name? (But, they didnt respond to Gopi, instead were busy charging their laptop)
GOPI       : (loses his patience, tried to take the laptop) You gonna show me your ticket or shall I throw you out of the train. (They showed their ticket after Gopi became furious)
GOPI      : Your ticket is not confirmed and you are sitting here without respecting the Government servant. Where are you from ?
SUNIT    : My name is Sunit Kumar and he is Amul Singh. We are from Chucknow.
GOPI      : I will tell one tamil punch since I don't know Hindi. Na long la paatha dhaan da comedy ah irupen... Close la paatha TERROR da TERROR. (hearing this punch, both Sunit and Amul Singh jumped out of the train).

              Gopi went to next cabin. By the time Terror TTR Gopi went away from them, the heated conversation between John and Harish melted like ice. John was little frightened of what happened little lately and didn't had the confidence of facing the consequence, he stopped talking about the berth problem. Angelina was little perplexed that why John is not asking for berth replacement. But, didn't ask John, she kept quiet. John made Angelina sleep on the upper berth while Harish was busy reading the novel. John took a cloth from his bag, spread it on the floor and lied there. In sometime Angelina slept with a question in her mind - Why John didn't ask for a replacement? 

             Suddenly, John gets up and stares at Harish as if he is going to swallow him. John in a much bolder voice, "Will you get up and lie down so that I can sleep on the seat". Harish was triggered by his words but calmly said, "You fool, both guys from Chucknow jumped out, you can use it". But, John was keen in getting the berth which is below Angelina. He started shouting all nonsense which even he didnt understand. Harish was quite irritated and shouted "TTR..............................." The second, the sound of "R" vanished in air GOPI stood beside Harish. He came like SHAKTHIMAAN

GOPI      : (With a clean tone) "What is going on here? I am the TTR, not T.R".              
HARISH : Is there any relation to what you say? Why are blabbering saying that it's punch?
GOPI      : Enaye edhirthu pesariya ne... Na yaaru theriyuma...? You know who I am?
HARISH : Oh, you don't know who you are? Funny fellow.
GOPI      : I am TTR of this train. Now, you don't tell me the problem, I will jump out of this train.
HARISH : Ask this Quarter.
JOHN     : Hey it's John. John Tobacco.
GOPI      : Is this a problem? 5 minutes waste. Oru business man ah kadathi kootitu vandhu ena le vyaabaram pandringa?
HARISH : He needs my seat and I don't want to give it.
GOPI      : Where is your ticket John ?
JOHN     : Here it is.
GOPI      : (Verifies it and finds that he cheated on him) It's yesterday's ticket. Oru ticket eduka vakku ila, unaku vella vetti, vella sokka... Ezhundhura.... Ethana pera ipdi kalambirkinga..?
You are not even worth buying a ticket and you dressed up neatly. How many of them are like this?
HARISH : Ivaru oruthar dhan. Only him.
GOPI       : Enda? Train na ticket eduka maatiya? You won't take train ticket?
HARISH : Na keten sir. Adhuku ena mari kena payan dhan Govt. train la ticket edupaanam. Ivaru abroad trip poitu flight la varum podhu kuda ticket edukalayam. Sari, checking varuvaangala apa ena panuva nu keten. Adhuku poda daaaash. Meeri ipdi per moochu vitta ketta ketta varthaila violin vaasipaanam.
I asked him sir. He is saying only dumb people like me will take ticket it seems. He went for abroad trip and didn't even take flight ticket while returning it seems. I asked, What will you do if checking people comes? He is saying that he will play violin using bad words.
GOPI      : I should not have made those Chucknow guys jump out. You are the one should be thrown out. Come out you sneaky dumbo.
JOHN    : Please, Leave me. I am sorry. I won't ask for seat. I will lie on the floor, even if it's near bathroom, it's fine.

              John shouted and woke up as if he had really jumped out of the train.All his body was drenched with sweat. He looked around, he could see Angelina sleeping as if she was drunk. Harish still reading the novel. It was a dream and it was the answer for Angelina's question. Again, John slept covering his body fully. He doesn't want to dream anymore. Darkness is better than a dream, he thought.

                                                                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED....

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"Chitti - The mokka" Story - Part 2

       Let me continue with second part of my previous story. The link for the first part is here.  

       The train started moving and there was a silence all over the compartment. Everyone was busy indulging in their own activities. This couple indulged in theirs. It was six seater division. The place "NOWHERE" is around 500kms from "ELSEWHERE" where they boarded the train. Angelina was occupying one end of the window seat, next to him was John. Exact opposite to him was "Anand Mudhasandhu". Anand was very much interested in reading books and was very eager to learn "UK" English and hence he was reading "UK ENGLISH IN 30 DAYS". Angelina who was an anglo-indian was well verse in English. Anand saw her talking good english to her husband John. Anand decided that somehow he should learn to speak English from her. So, he decided to talk to them. But, don't know how to start the conversation.  A guy of 6 feet tall and physic like Undertaker, who was sitting on the side upper berth was seeing all these things fully covered with a black color blanket over his body. Only his eyes was visible to others. He looked like a terror. Meanwhile, Anand gave a wierd look at John since he was seeing Anand having a cream biscuit. Somehow, Anand found a way to break in the conversation.

ANAND         : You want biscuit?
JOHN            : Yes. Thank you.
ANAND         : (Seeing Angelina) You biscuit ?
ANGELINA  : Oh yeah. I like to have one. Thanks. Your name?
ANAND         : My name is Anand Mudhasandhu. And your name ?
ANGELINA  : My name is Angelina and he is my husband John. (John still licking the cream biscuit.)
ANAND        : You are very good at English. I like to speak fluent one. And it would be great if you help me.
ANGELINA  : Oh my gosh.. Its just a language and its easy. I will help you. (She bent down and dragged her bag, opened the zip and took a book of 485 pages)
ANAND        : What is that ?
JOHN           : (Finally he started speaking because he ate the one which Anand had given him) This is a book where you can learn anything and everything.
ANAND         : (Didn't mind him much. He was busy talking to Angelina.) What does that book all about ?
ANGELINA  : (She gave him a book named "Atomic Energy coupled with Cosmic Energy with fusion of DOT NET in JAVA". Read this book fully. You can easily speak English.
JOHN            : Yep. I am good English talking. You know why ? I fully book read. That's why.
ANAND         : Thanks Angelina for the book. (John really got irked out. He loved Angelina so much and he is little possessive on her, started shouting at her for Anand not replying him but talking to her).

          Anand was little unhappy for what had happened. He asked sorry and gave the book back to her. But, John refused to have it. Disappointed Anand left the place. The guy who was seeing all these things under the blanket started to stare at the couple. The couple got conscious especially Angelina. She got frightened and sat very close to John holding her hands tight. John was little disturbed and went near him.

JOHN       : Hi dude, I m John Tobacco. people call me John.
Mr.X         : Hi. I am Barack Obama. People call me Obama.
JOHN       :  That was a nice answer. Tell me what is your name?
Mr.X         : I am Surulmudi Sundal. People call me sundal.
JOHN       : Nice name. Why are you staring at us all the way? I have been watching you from the very beginning. 
SUNDAL  : Idiot. If I am able see you who you are, I would not have even spoke with you. I am blind. Get lost. 
JOHN : Oops. I am sorry. I didn't know that.
SUNDAL  : That's okay. Good bye.

John came back to his place sat next to Angelina, who was frightened a bit was relieved. They were having a smooth ride. And the train stopped at a place called "KOZHIKOTTA". Sundal got down in the station and was nearing Angelina window, stopped next to it. Train started moving slowly. He called John and said " I didn't know you are such a fool. I am not blind. By the way, HAPPY JOURNEY". Hearing this John was furious, he almost hit the seat with his leg and got hurt. Poor fellow. Train moved and finally it was around 7 pm in the evening. Angelina was hungry. As usual, pantry personnel started selling all food items they could. An interesting guy came with a box on his head, full of parcel packs. Every other man was selling vegetable rice, chapathi, dosa etc., He was selling cakes. Everyone was surprised to see a guy who was selling cakes in train. Angelina likes cake a lot and John decided to buy her one. John yelled at him, "Hey bro". The guy replied, "I am not bro. I am Khameez Khajha. I am from Pakistan and I am not a terrorist."

JOHN       : Sorry Khajha. How much is it?
KHAJHA : Rs. 50 per parcel. Can I give you two?
JOHN      : No, I will give you 100, give me two.
KHAJHA : No, 50 per parcel.
JOHN      :  I will give you 100. Give me two.
KHAJHA : No, 50 per parcel.
JOHN      : Okay. Give me two.
KHAJHA : Here, take it. (He got irked out, gave them the parcel, got the money and left the place)

          Angelina was very much happy for the cake which John had bought her, she ate happily and finished it before John could finish it. She washed her hands and lied on John shoulders. They started discussing about their future plans. Angelina had many dreams which she told John one by one and one should see the face reaction of John. He was hearing it, as if someone is singing lullaby. The talk prevailed nearly for an hour and it was almost 9.30 in the night. Till then, they didn't know that they were sitting next to a problem.

What problem? What happened next? To know further wait for my next post. Ba bye.

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"Chitti - The mokka" Story - Part 1


        It has been a long time and here comes the post which I hope you all like it. Nowadays, I find lots of bloggers who write all imaginary stories. I don't like writing stories by placing a disclaimer saying that its imaginary. The author is not responsible, if its sinking with a real story of a person. Lolz. I can be very much sure that, the story which I am going to share you all will sure be a unique one because I am one among the directors of Tamil Cinema. Yep. This is a story of a couple who were born dumb, lived dumb and dead dumb. Of course, they are human and they will die, right. Not like Kollywood Heros. Anyways, lets move on to the story.
         Long long ago, so long ago, very long ago, ago ago.... A couple were waiting for the bus in a railway station. They were cute and young. His name was John Tobaco Charles and her name was Angelina Rekha. They were nearly waiting for more than five hours and then realized that buses won't come in railway station. Real dumb couple, I could say. Then they decided to take a train to a place called "NOWHERE". But, they don't know where to get tickets. So, they were looking for some help. Toyyyyyyyin... Cut pana... Long shot la, a guy with neat attire. He was wearing a green color shinning jigu jigu blazer and a yellow color jeans pant with tie of rainbow color. He was standing there for a long time waiting for something. This couple went near him and   broke up a conversation.

JOHN  : Hai.
GUY     : If you go straight, you will find to your left.
JOHN  : (Could'nt react much. Very much astonished to see the man guiding him without even asking him the way for ticket counter.) Says Thanks buddy and leaves the place.
This couple walked a quite a long distance and saw to their left. There, they could find a ticket counter. But, not for the train. For toilet. The board said "Neat and Clean Toilets, Pay and Use. One job - 1 rupee. Two job - 2 rupees."  Now, this dumb couple realized that they should not have greeted him with "Hai". John frowned his face and went again to that guy. 
JOHN      : What is your name buffoon?
GUY         : Deepan, Arokya Deepan.
JOHN      : Idiot. What did I ask you for? What you have showed me?
DEEPAN : You said HAI and I showed you the way.
JOHN      : Phew.. Ok, now tell me where can I find a ticket counter for train.
DEEPAN : Hey, in buses you will find conductors who will give tickets.
JOHN      : Enadhu………….. Dae dumb.. Here only trains will come.
DEEPAN : I know… You were waiting for bus here for more than 5 hours. I have got ticket for train and waiting here for just 15 minutes. You are calling me dumb? There, turn around and see. You can find a counter.
JOHN      : Sorry mate. Can we go like “Padikaadhavan dhanush” style?
DEEPAN : Naaye naaye…. Kaasu ila nu mudhalaye sola vendiyadhu dhaana… Unaku la oru wife.. Moonjayum aalayum paaru… Indha 10 roova… poi thola…. BLOODY HELL.

(Deepan got irked out and moved away from them. They went and got a ticket for the place “NOWHERE” and sat on the chair, waited for the train to come.)
They could hear a distant sound of a train. And finally, there came a train and the last compartment stood exactly opposite to the couple. But, this couple instead of getting into the last compartment, ran towards the first compartment. A guy called Abishek Nair stopped them.

ABISHEK: Why are you running when the train is still ?
JOHN       : We can’t run when the train is moving, it moves fast. That’s the reason we are running when it’s not.
ABISHEK: Kaisa aadmi eh vo?
JOHN       : Ya ya… Ek Gaav me ek kisaaan raghu thaathaa….
ABISHEK: Poda poda… Ekedu ketu poda…

The couple managed to reach the first compartment before the train could start moving and got into the train. The compartment was jam packed and only two seats were there in a three seater. They occupied those two seats. Others were not that happy seeing them except one sitting exactly opposite to them, who was reading a book called   “UK English in 30 days” gave a warm look and again plunged into the book.

The train started moving and there was a silence all over the compartment. Everyone was busy indulging in their own activities. This couple indulged in theirs.

What kind of work? What happened next? Wait and watch my next post. Until then adios.

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