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"Chitti - The mokka" Story - Part 1


        It has been a long time and here comes the post which I hope you all like it. Nowadays, I find lots of bloggers who write all imaginary stories. I don't like writing stories by placing a disclaimer saying that its imaginary. The author is not responsible, if its sinking with a real story of a person. Lolz. I can be very much sure that, the story which I am going to share you all will sure be a unique one because I am one among the directors of Tamil Cinema. Yep. This is a story of a couple who were born dumb, lived dumb and dead dumb. Of course, they are human and they will die, right. Not like Kollywood Heros. Anyways, lets move on to the story.
         Long long ago, so long ago, very long ago, ago ago.... A couple were waiting for the bus in a railway station. They were cute and young. His name was John Tobaco Charles and her name was Angelina Rekha. They were nearly waiting for more than five hours and then realized that buses won't come in railway station. Real dumb couple, I could say. Then they decided to take a train to a place called "NOWHERE". But, they don't know where to get tickets. So, they were looking for some help. Toyyyyyyyin... Cut pana... Long shot la, a guy with neat attire. He was wearing a green color shinning jigu jigu blazer and a yellow color jeans pant with tie of rainbow color. He was standing there for a long time waiting for something. This couple went near him and   broke up a conversation.

JOHN  : Hai.
GUY     : If you go straight, you will find to your left.
JOHN  : (Could'nt react much. Very much astonished to see the man guiding him without even asking him the way for ticket counter.) Says Thanks buddy and leaves the place.
This couple walked a quite a long distance and saw to their left. There, they could find a ticket counter. But, not for the train. For toilet. The board said "Neat and Clean Toilets, Pay and Use. One job - 1 rupee. Two job - 2 rupees."  Now, this dumb couple realized that they should not have greeted him with "Hai". John frowned his face and went again to that guy. 
JOHN      : What is your name buffoon?
GUY         : Deepan, Arokya Deepan.
JOHN      : Idiot. What did I ask you for? What you have showed me?
DEEPAN : You said HAI and I showed you the way.
JOHN      : Phew.. Ok, now tell me where can I find a ticket counter for train.
DEEPAN : Hey, in buses you will find conductors who will give tickets.
JOHN      : Enadhu………….. Dae dumb.. Here only trains will come.
DEEPAN : I know… You were waiting for bus here for more than 5 hours. I have got ticket for train and waiting here for just 15 minutes. You are calling me dumb? There, turn around and see. You can find a counter.
JOHN      : Sorry mate. Can we go like “Padikaadhavan dhanush” style?
DEEPAN : Naaye naaye…. Kaasu ila nu mudhalaye sola vendiyadhu dhaana… Unaku la oru wife.. Moonjayum aalayum paaru… Indha 10 roova… poi thola…. BLOODY HELL.

(Deepan got irked out and moved away from them. They went and got a ticket for the place “NOWHERE” and sat on the chair, waited for the train to come.)
They could hear a distant sound of a train. And finally, there came a train and the last compartment stood exactly opposite to the couple. But, this couple instead of getting into the last compartment, ran towards the first compartment. A guy called Abishek Nair stopped them.

ABISHEK: Why are you running when the train is still ?
JOHN       : We can’t run when the train is moving, it moves fast. That’s the reason we are running when it’s not.
ABISHEK: Kaisa aadmi eh vo?
JOHN       : Ya ya… Ek Gaav me ek kisaaan raghu thaathaa….
ABISHEK: Poda poda… Ekedu ketu poda…

The couple managed to reach the first compartment before the train could start moving and got into the train. The compartment was jam packed and only two seats were there in a three seater. They occupied those two seats. Others were not that happy seeing them except one sitting exactly opposite to them, who was reading a book called   “UK English in 30 days” gave a warm look and again plunged into the book.

The train started moving and there was a silence all over the compartment. Everyone was busy indulging in their own activities. This couple indulged in theirs.

What kind of work? What happened next? Wait and watch my next post. Until then adios.


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