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"Chitti - The mokka" Story - Part 2

       Let me continue with second part of my previous story. The link for the first part is here.  

       The train started moving and there was a silence all over the compartment. Everyone was busy indulging in their own activities. This couple indulged in theirs. It was six seater division. The place "NOWHERE" is around 500kms from "ELSEWHERE" where they boarded the train. Angelina was occupying one end of the window seat, next to him was John. Exact opposite to him was "Anand Mudhasandhu". Anand was very much interested in reading books and was very eager to learn "UK" English and hence he was reading "UK ENGLISH IN 30 DAYS". Angelina who was an anglo-indian was well verse in English. Anand saw her talking good english to her husband John. Anand decided that somehow he should learn to speak English from her. So, he decided to talk to them. But, don't know how to start the conversation.  A guy of 6 feet tall and physic like Undertaker, who was sitting on the side upper berth was seeing all these things fully covered with a black color blanket over his body. Only his eyes was visible to others. He looked like a terror. Meanwhile, Anand gave a wierd look at John since he was seeing Anand having a cream biscuit. Somehow, Anand found a way to break in the conversation.

ANAND         : You want biscuit?
JOHN            : Yes. Thank you.
ANAND         : (Seeing Angelina) You biscuit ?
ANGELINA  : Oh yeah. I like to have one. Thanks. Your name?
ANAND         : My name is Anand Mudhasandhu. And your name ?
ANGELINA  : My name is Angelina and he is my husband John. (John still licking the cream biscuit.)
ANAND        : You are very good at English. I like to speak fluent one. And it would be great if you help me.
ANGELINA  : Oh my gosh.. Its just a language and its easy. I will help you. (She bent down and dragged her bag, opened the zip and took a book of 485 pages)
ANAND        : What is that ?
JOHN           : (Finally he started speaking because he ate the one which Anand had given him) This is a book where you can learn anything and everything.
ANAND         : (Didn't mind him much. He was busy talking to Angelina.) What does that book all about ?
ANGELINA  : (She gave him a book named "Atomic Energy coupled with Cosmic Energy with fusion of DOT NET in JAVA". Read this book fully. You can easily speak English.
JOHN            : Yep. I am good English talking. You know why ? I fully book read. That's why.
ANAND         : Thanks Angelina for the book. (John really got irked out. He loved Angelina so much and he is little possessive on her, started shouting at her for Anand not replying him but talking to her).

          Anand was little unhappy for what had happened. He asked sorry and gave the book back to her. But, John refused to have it. Disappointed Anand left the place. The guy who was seeing all these things under the blanket started to stare at the couple. The couple got conscious especially Angelina. She got frightened and sat very close to John holding her hands tight. John was little disturbed and went near him.

JOHN       : Hi dude, I m John Tobacco. people call me John.
Mr.X         : Hi. I am Barack Obama. People call me Obama.
JOHN       :  That was a nice answer. Tell me what is your name?
Mr.X         : I am Surulmudi Sundal. People call me sundal.
JOHN       : Nice name. Why are you staring at us all the way? I have been watching you from the very beginning. 
SUNDAL  : Idiot. If I am able see you who you are, I would not have even spoke with you. I am blind. Get lost. 
JOHN : Oops. I am sorry. I didn't know that.
SUNDAL  : That's okay. Good bye.

John came back to his place sat next to Angelina, who was frightened a bit was relieved. They were having a smooth ride. And the train stopped at a place called "KOZHIKOTTA". Sundal got down in the station and was nearing Angelina window, stopped next to it. Train started moving slowly. He called John and said " I didn't know you are such a fool. I am not blind. By the way, HAPPY JOURNEY". Hearing this John was furious, he almost hit the seat with his leg and got hurt. Poor fellow. Train moved and finally it was around 7 pm in the evening. Angelina was hungry. As usual, pantry personnel started selling all food items they could. An interesting guy came with a box on his head, full of parcel packs. Every other man was selling vegetable rice, chapathi, dosa etc., He was selling cakes. Everyone was surprised to see a guy who was selling cakes in train. Angelina likes cake a lot and John decided to buy her one. John yelled at him, "Hey bro". The guy replied, "I am not bro. I am Khameez Khajha. I am from Pakistan and I am not a terrorist."

JOHN       : Sorry Khajha. How much is it?
KHAJHA : Rs. 50 per parcel. Can I give you two?
JOHN      : No, I will give you 100, give me two.
KHAJHA : No, 50 per parcel.
JOHN      :  I will give you 100. Give me two.
KHAJHA : No, 50 per parcel.
JOHN      : Okay. Give me two.
KHAJHA : Here, take it. (He got irked out, gave them the parcel, got the money and left the place)

          Angelina was very much happy for the cake which John had bought her, she ate happily and finished it before John could finish it. She washed her hands and lied on John shoulders. They started discussing about their future plans. Angelina had many dreams which she told John one by one and one should see the face reaction of John. He was hearing it, as if someone is singing lullaby. The talk prevailed nearly for an hour and it was almost 9.30 in the night. Till then, they didn't know that they were sitting next to a problem.

What problem? What happened next? To know further wait for my next post. Ba bye.


  1. Second part is more enjoyable :D... Waiting for the next part eagerly.. Khaja-John conversation is the highlight :D


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