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“Chitti - The mokka” Story - Part 4

Hi guys,
               Let me move on to the fourth part of the story. If you want to read previous parts of the story, you can read it here. First part - here. Second part - here. Third part - here.

               John shouted and woke up as if he had really jumped out of the train.All his body was drenched with sweat. He looked around, he could see Angelina sleeping as if she was drunk. Harish still reading the novel. It was a dream and it was the answer for Angelina's question. Again, John slept covering his body fully. He doesn't want to dream anymore. Darkness is better than a dream, he thought.

               It was morning 7.30am. Sun rays falling on John's back to say that SUN is back. But, John couldn't realize that its time to wake up, still sleeping like stuck pig. Angelina got up and she tried to get down from the upper berth and falls on John's. John screamed in the morning which made the whole train tremble. It was ten minutes to reach "NOWHERE". It was the last station and all of them took their baggage, getting ready to get down. Train came to a stop. All got down from the train one by one. John and Angelina got down from the train. Soon number of porter's surrounded them. There was a porter who stormed in the gang and no wonder he won among the all others. He was wearing red shirt with a badge on his right hand. He was little short, ahhhhh.. Nope.. Too short. He managed to load their bags on his head. Angelina told, "You are too short. I know the reason. You had been carrying baggage on your head from the childhood and that's the reason you are short. Am I right? What is your name?". The porter didn't ope his mouth. Again, Angelina asked his name. He replied with frustrated face, " I am AnandaKannan Maarkandeyan. I am short because I am like actor SURYA. Now keep quiet and come".

               Angelina kept quiet and John was busy seeing other girls. Angelina saw a cake shop at the entrance of the station and she is fond of cakes. She pestered John to buy her cakes. But, John refused. AnandaKannan basically a poor fellow but he has got lots of sister sentiment. He bought her a cake. But, John didn't like it. Angelina happily ate the cake. They again started walking to nearby Taxi corner. Before they could reach the nearby Taxi, Angelina thanked AnandaKannan for the cake and mentioned that "John didn't liked it because he didn't get to eat that cake. Anyways, I am happy that you got cake but unhappy that  John didn't like it." AnandaKannan got his money and walked back without saying a word. 

                The taxi driver took their luggage, kept it in the diki and got into car. He introduced himself  to them. "Hi, I am Keezhakundhu Noorumugam. Where you want to go? ". John showed him the address and taxi moved slowly.  Keezhakundh got a call and he was talking in bits and pieces of telugu. Angelina who knows five languages in telugu was excited about this as she finally got a person who can talk telugu, if not proper telugu atleast a handsome. She started talking to him in telugu and keezhakundh replied her in telugu of what he knows. Finally, the reached the place where they wanted to. John and Angelina got down from the car and a friend of Angelina was waiting at the entrance of the big bunglow ready to welcome them. John has to pay 100 rupees for taxi, but he has got only 75 rupees. He was fighting with Keezhakundh while Angelina stormed the front gate.

                 As she entered the gate, she could find a big little fat girl shouting at her, actually barking at her. It was Sujatha Priyamilladarshini's dog. Angelina stopped seeing the dog as it was constantly barking. John came in and gave a smile, dog immediately stopped barking. Angelina was surprised.

ANGELINA : How come John ?
JOHN          : I know Dog language. Barking dog seldom bite. you know that.
ANGELINA : But, you shameless dog, you shout and you bite. (Words came out of her mouth as if it was not intended to).
JOHN          : Did you tell something?
ANGELINA : I said I am lucky to have such a wondeful dog. Oops, darling.!!!

              Sujatha made her dog sit and let John and Angelina inside. Sujatha was very happy for Angelina, because tomorrow is her big day. Yep. She is getting married in Registar Office. And Sujatha is going to sign for their marriage. She made all necessary arrangements for the marriage. She invited one of her very close friend for Angelina's marriage and anytime she will reach Sujatha's place. Angelina and Sujatha hugged each other as they were seeing after a very long time, but Sujatha couldn't tolerate the stinking Angelina, asked her to take bath and come. Both John and Angelina were fighting for bathroom and finally decided. They took bath and came. Breakfast was served on the table. They all took a seat and took a plate, started eating. John was busy eating that he didn't even find a cockroach on his plate, took it and ate it screaming IDLI is awesome with crunchy munchy taste.

             Angelina was excited about the big day tomorrow and was reassuring whether everything will be fine tomorrow. A bell rang and silence prevails. Sujatha thinks that it might be her friend whom she has called. But, she is not sure. She goes near the door, again a bell ring. This time very hard one. She slowly opened the door, there stood a guy with neat dress.

STRANGER    : Hi Madam, I am Poovaram Periyasamy from KFC bank. 
SUJATHA       : Hi. What do you want?
POOVARAM : I just came to tell you that you had got a wrong account number. The acccount which you had opened newly in KFC bank got exchanged with someother guy. I think it's your salary account. Did you check it out.
SUJATHA      : Oh my God. Fine. Is that all fine now?
POOVARAM : Yes Madam. Here is your account details. It will be activated in 24 hours. Thank you Madam. Have a good day. (Poovaram leaves the place and notices that his bike Yamaha FZ has fallen down. He ran towards it, tried to pull him back and somehow started it and left the place.)

              Sujatha with disappointed face came in. John asked her what happened ? Sujatha said everything what had happened. John hearing that was shocked, his first question was "What about your salary?".
Sujatha little irritated said, "I already got it and it will be fine tomorrow. Don't worry". They were sitting in the dining room. Again bell rang. This time, they were real frightened. They didn' want to open the door. So, they kept quiet. Again bell rang. Silence prevails all over the house. Even a pin drop sound could be heard. John after his heavy breakfast couldn't control his nature's sound. Whole bunglow was echoing.

            Sujatha got up closing her noes went near the door. Sweat dropped from Angelina's eyebrows to her cheeks rolled down on the tabel. Sujatha touched the knob of the door. The bell rang again. She was frightened. She opened the door and BANG.!!!!

To be Continued....


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