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"Chitti - The mokka" Story - Part 3

Hi all
              Let me continue with third part of my previous story. The link for the first part is here and the link for the second part is here

              Angelina had many dreams which she told John one by one and one should see the face reaction of John. He was hearing it, as if someone is singing lullaby. The talk prevailed nearly for an hour and it was almost 9.30 in the night. Till then, they didn't know that they were sitting next to a problem. Yes. A man of average height in neat attire was sitting next to John. His name was "Harish - Son Of Gun"   He was reading a novel of a famous writer "Sujatha". The novel's name was "Oru Prayaanam Oru Kolai (One Journey One Murder)". He was stunning handsome and very keen in reading the book even his hair was moving left to right as if it was reading the book, due to the fan that was above him.

              Angelina was tired of talking and she wanted to sleep. So, she asked John whether they can sleep. John was tired of listening to what she blabbered, so even he decided to sleep. Harish berth was lower one. John middle one and John's upper berth. John  thought of talking to Harish and started the conversation.

JOHN      : Hi, I am John.
HARISH : Muzhusa nala 5.30 adi peepa mari iruka, Jaan nu soldra.
JOHN      : It's not that john. Its John. My name is John Tobacco.
HARISH  : Oh cool. What do you want ?
JOHN       : Shall we sleep?
HARISH  : What do you mean, you @^#&! ?
JOHN      : Again you mistook. I meant sleeping alone in different berth alloted to us.
HARISH  : Fine. Go and sleep. Why the hell are you disturbing me.
JOHN       : Nope. I need to make the middle berth ready, so that I can lie on it.
HARISH  : What you want me to do now ?
JOHN : If you adjust and sleep in the opposite berth, me and my wife would sleep.
HARISH  : Opposite berth, What the hell? Why I need to shift ? I have paid for the ticket and I will be sleeping in my berth. You do whatever you want. Sleep, dont sleep.. Not my problem. Get the hell out of here.
JOHN      : Ok. Ok. Cool.

(When this conversation was getting heated up, a man with black coat and bunch of papers in hand came near the place where they were sitting. He had a yellow bag under his arm and was wearing big spectacles. He was very fond of punch dialogues and he had punches whenever he talks. For example: My name is Gopi... Always you should be  happy..) His name was Dr. Gopi Krishna MA.MA, B.E,BEd, M.B.B.S

GOPI       : Ticket, ticket ticket.... 
HARISH : Here is my ticket.
GOPI       : (Pointing John) Where is your ticket ?
JOHN      : Here is my ticket.
GOPI       : Idiot, Thats a girl sitting next to you.
JOHN      : Yep. This is my ticket.
GOPI       : I am gonna kick your *&* out. Where is your train ticket ?
JOHN      : Oh, you are asking about train ticket? Here it is.
GOPI       : (Now pointing two guys who were sitting opposite to Harish and John.) Where is your ticket and what is your name? (But, they didnt respond to Gopi, instead were busy charging their laptop)
GOPI       : (loses his patience, tried to take the laptop) You gonna show me your ticket or shall I throw you out of the train. (They showed their ticket after Gopi became furious)
GOPI      : Your ticket is not confirmed and you are sitting here without respecting the Government servant. Where are you from ?
SUNIT    : My name is Sunit Kumar and he is Amul Singh. We are from Chucknow.
GOPI      : I will tell one tamil punch since I don't know Hindi. Na long la paatha dhaan da comedy ah irupen... Close la paatha TERROR da TERROR. (hearing this punch, both Sunit and Amul Singh jumped out of the train).

              Gopi went to next cabin. By the time Terror TTR Gopi went away from them, the heated conversation between John and Harish melted like ice. John was little frightened of what happened little lately and didn't had the confidence of facing the consequence, he stopped talking about the berth problem. Angelina was little perplexed that why John is not asking for berth replacement. But, didn't ask John, she kept quiet. John made Angelina sleep on the upper berth while Harish was busy reading the novel. John took a cloth from his bag, spread it on the floor and lied there. In sometime Angelina slept with a question in her mind - Why John didn't ask for a replacement? 

             Suddenly, John gets up and stares at Harish as if he is going to swallow him. John in a much bolder voice, "Will you get up and lie down so that I can sleep on the seat". Harish was triggered by his words but calmly said, "You fool, both guys from Chucknow jumped out, you can use it". But, John was keen in getting the berth which is below Angelina. He started shouting all nonsense which even he didnt understand. Harish was quite irritated and shouted "TTR..............................." The second, the sound of "R" vanished in air GOPI stood beside Harish. He came like SHAKTHIMAAN

GOPI      : (With a clean tone) "What is going on here? I am the TTR, not T.R".              
HARISH : Is there any relation to what you say? Why are blabbering saying that it's punch?
GOPI      : Enaye edhirthu pesariya ne... Na yaaru theriyuma...? You know who I am?
HARISH : Oh, you don't know who you are? Funny fellow.
GOPI      : I am TTR of this train. Now, you don't tell me the problem, I will jump out of this train.
HARISH : Ask this Quarter.
JOHN     : Hey it's John. John Tobacco.
GOPI      : Is this a problem? 5 minutes waste. Oru business man ah kadathi kootitu vandhu ena le vyaabaram pandringa?
HARISH : He needs my seat and I don't want to give it.
GOPI      : Where is your ticket John ?
JOHN     : Here it is.
GOPI      : (Verifies it and finds that he cheated on him) It's yesterday's ticket. Oru ticket eduka vakku ila, unaku vella vetti, vella sokka... Ezhundhura.... Ethana pera ipdi kalambirkinga..?
You are not even worth buying a ticket and you dressed up neatly. How many of them are like this?
HARISH : Ivaru oruthar dhan. Only him.
GOPI       : Enda? Train na ticket eduka maatiya? You won't take train ticket?
HARISH : Na keten sir. Adhuku ena mari kena payan dhan Govt. train la ticket edupaanam. Ivaru abroad trip poitu flight la varum podhu kuda ticket edukalayam. Sari, checking varuvaangala apa ena panuva nu keten. Adhuku poda daaaash. Meeri ipdi per moochu vitta ketta ketta varthaila violin vaasipaanam.
I asked him sir. He is saying only dumb people like me will take ticket it seems. He went for abroad trip and didn't even take flight ticket while returning it seems. I asked, What will you do if checking people comes? He is saying that he will play violin using bad words.
GOPI      : I should not have made those Chucknow guys jump out. You are the one should be thrown out. Come out you sneaky dumbo.
JOHN    : Please, Leave me. I am sorry. I won't ask for seat. I will lie on the floor, even if it's near bathroom, it's fine.

              John shouted and woke up as if he had really jumped out of the train.All his body was drenched with sweat. He looked around, he could see Angelina sleeping as if she was drunk. Harish still reading the novel. It was a dream and it was the answer for Angelina's question. Again, John slept covering his body fully. He doesn't want to dream anymore. Darkness is better than a dream, he thought.

                                                                                                                          TO BE CONTINUED....


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