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Hi bloggies,
           Here I come with one more post. I am sure that you people would have lost interest in my blog by reading the last post. Yep.. I thought Love sucks only in Life, but to my surprise it sucks even if its a post in a blog. Goodness heavens. None scolded me very badly for it. Hmm.. This post, you would have guessed it by the name memoirs. Puriyalaya… Adhanga vaazkai varalaaru, suyasaridhai, autobiography epdi vena solalam. This is about my Life History.
           Here goes my story… One fine day, Sunday October 18,1987, a 30 yrs old lady was lying on the hospital bed, crying out of pain. Doctors could not manage her. It was a stormy day clouds crying like hell giving company to the lady who cries out of pain. Thunder was striking hard and suddenly a baby’s voice freaked out which made the thunder subside. The lady wished for a lion like son, to her surprise exactly lion was born that day. Ya its me.. [ Veeel ndra sathathoda oru kolandha porakudhu.. Ulla poi patha andha kolandhaye naan dhan]. If a baby is born in Sunday, it is found to have one of the two characteristics. Very energetic or else very lathargic. You know in which category I fall. Sunday la porandha somberi nu thitringa, puriyudhu.. vidunga.. Their parents were so lucky to have him and his dad gave chocolates to the whole family and celebrated it as a festival.
           I grew up slowly as chubby as a baby could and as naughty as anyone could imagine. Enaku oru 3 vayasu irukum. Apa na L.K.G padichutu irundhen. [VTV background score playin] There I met Jessie. She was daam beautiful, classy and sexy too. She had a style. We use to play together all the time. As usual, she studied well and I dreamed about her didnt study. Failed in L.K.G. I was forced to change school and studied L.K.G once again. [Vetri Nichayam idhu Vedha sathiyam, L.K.G pass aavadhe naan konda Latchiyam] This is called Fate. Then till now I could’nt see her. This school was bit strict, but nama enaiku adangirkom. A teacher used to be there with Frock. Her name is Joyce Peter. WoW. Amazing teacher, she never scolds me and she never teaches me. All she wanted is a kiss from me and you know now how  I would have passed L.K.G the second attempt. [Daas Daas Chinappa Daas, Pass Paas ne ipa pass pass] 
           My mom got pissed off and she started teaching me. Daily she made me read, byheart things. I finished my U.K.G with great difficulty. Then from 1st STD till 4th, my mom was my teacher. Got lots of beatings, scoldings and at the end of 4th year I somehow managed to learn alphabets and numbers. [Oru Nayagan udhayam Aagiraan] 5th STD was awesome year I can say. I got 98 in mathematics and still my mom was not satisfied with my marks sent me to a tuition. I got 98 because of teacher called Christy and I went to her for tuition. Urupatruvoma naaanga… In her home, I use to play with a parrot and two rabbits never used to do maths. Apdi ipdi ela subject layum pass mark vangiyachu.
           My mom still not satisfied with me neither my school. So, she decided to change my school. You won’t believe me if I say I wrote entrance test in nearly 13 schools. Adhula ena adhisayam na ela school layu select ayiten. I got admission in all schools. Lolz. Then, my mom analysed for a week and selected a school which is famous for its STRICTNESS. Viduvoma naanga… Angayum Kuppa kotitom la… It was like climbing Mount Everest, with great difficulty completed every year and finally it was Xth STD and I cleared with 83%. Inga dhanga ela prachanayu aramichudhu… We have to select a group after completing Xth. All people around me gave different different ideas. My sister asked me to take Computer Science group. My dad asked me to take Commerce(he knows very well that I m not worth a professional group). My mom asked me to take Bio group. She felt that I draw good. My mom won the battle and I took Bio group.
           XI and XIIth STD. Rendu varusham na pata paadu iruke….. Somehow I cleared XIIth and next came the big blow. Entrance Exam. I joined IIPE, gone for seperate coaching classes. This, that and what not. I joined all the classes. But never gone to those classes. Inum sola pona mazhaiku kuda odhungandhu ila… Entrance ezhudhiyachu… Result vanchachu… Namaku dhan ezhudhum podhe theriyume ena result nu… Somehow managed to say the result in my home, acted as if the mistake was not mine and all done. COLLEGE…. Doctor ku seralam nu paatha en mark ku patient ah kuda ula seka maatanga… Engineering was the course which even a beggar can get a seat in college that time. Adhu oru kana kaalam. Nowadays even beggars are hesitating to take engineering.  One more battle came front. Appa sonaaru Mech edu nu, Amma soldranga CSC edu nu, Akka soldra ECE edu nu.. This time my Sis won. Aaathaa sathiyama enaku engineering na ena nu kuda theriyadhunga apa..  Took Engineering ECE stream in reputed Engineering College. Per sona siripinga… Vendam.. hmmm… Kadasi varaikum enaku en vaazhkai ku samandhame ilaama panitanga… I was behaving like a third person in my life. Sad. :(
          Naaalu varusham… Moochu thenera thenera bitu adichen. Ena padichen nu enaku theriyadhu… Ena nadathanaanga nu avangaluku puriyadhu… Aaga motham mudichuten..  Next dhan Velai thedum padalam… I have already told about my job search in my old post 2009 and 1/2. If you want continuation you can read that post after reading this. Kaludha vayasu aagudhu… Still I don’t know what I m doing and what I m upto. But, I will become a Super Star soon in one single song. Waiting for that song in my life. Now, its dedication time. I dedicate this post to my Dad, Mom and Sis who successfully collapsed and confused my life to the core.
       Thank you guys for reading it and happy reading…!!!


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செந்தாழம் பூவில் வந்தாடும் தென்றல் (Senthazham poovil vandhaadum thendral) song lyrics and meaning

I am so astonished by the creativity of Kaviyarasu Kannadasan and the language itself. This is one of my favourite song in the tamil movie called Mullum Malarum. Wonderful movie with extraordinary music composition by famous Isaigyaani Ilayaraja sir. 
                I will try giving the exact meaning of this song which portrays how beautiful women are and you can relate to anything which comes to your mind when you read it along. Kannadasan, Ilayaraja and K.J.Yesudas, a combination that shouldn't be missed.

Song:   Senthaazham poovil vandhaadum thendral Lyrics: Kannadasan Music: Ilayaraja Singer: K.J.Jesudas
செந்தாழம் பூவில் வந்தாடும் தென்றல்  என் மீது மொதுதமா.. (x2) பூ வாசம் மேடை போடுதம்மா  பெண் போல ஜாடை பேசுதம்மா.. அம்மம்மா ஆனந்தம்.. அம்மம்மா ஆனந்தம்..
Senthaazham poovil vandhaadum thendral  En meedhu modhudhamaa.. Poo vaasam medai podudhamaa Penn pola jaadai pesudhamma.. Ammammaa aanandham.. ammammaa aanandham..
The breeze that dances over screw pine flower  comes…

English Translation of "Voda Voda " song from Mayakam Enna

Hi guys
       Too many Tamil post and my Non-Tamil readers would have really bugged up with my previous posts. Many non-tamil people who hear this song "Voda Voda Voda" from Mayakam Enna is wondering what is the exact meaning of this song. They don't know the meaning but still they enjoy it. Now read this post, know the meaning and sing it along.

       I have differentiated the original lyrics of the song in blue color and the meaning of it in the next line in red color. Here we go...

Voda voda voda thooram korayala... Running running running distance didn't get reduced... Paada paada  paada paatum mudiyala... Singing singing singing song didn't get over... Poga poga poga onum puriyala, aaga motham onum velangala... Time passing by nothing able to grasp, totally nothing understood...
Free ah suthum podhu figure illaye...
While roaming freely figure was not there... Pudicha figurum ipa free ah illaye... The figure I liked is not free now.. Kayil bat iruku ball illaye, life…

திருக்குறள் - கல்யாண பால்

நீண்ட நாட்கள் ஆகியும் பதிவை புதிப்பிக்க முடியாததற்கு வருந்துகிறேன். முந்தைய பதிவின் தொடர்ச்சியாக கல்யாண பால். இதற்கு முன் சைட் பால் மற்றும் காதல் பால் படித்திருப்பீர்கள் என நம்புகிறேன். படிகாதோற்கு இதோ இணைப்பு - மற்றும் . நான் எழுதும் இக்குறள் சிரிப்பதற்காகவும் மற்றும் சிந்திபதற்காக மட்டுமே.. யார் மனதையும் புண்படுத்தும் நோக்கம் இல்லை.

கல்யாண பால்
காதலில் ஜெயமென்றால் கணவன் அஃதில்லையேல் 
அடுத்தப்பெண்ணை  தேடல் ஜெயம்.

மனைவி அமைவது இறைவன் கொடுத்தவரம்
அதைமாற்றி அமைப்பவன் புத்திசாலி.

பெண்ணுக்கு கழுத்தில் ஏறும் தாளிசங்கிலி
அஃது ஆணின் மரணசங்கிலி.

ஆண் பெண் திருமணம் செய்துவிடல்
சந்தோஷம் என்பது கணவாம்.

தாரம் தாய்போற் இருப்பின் அதிர்ஷ்டம்
நாய்போற் இருப்பின் துரதிருஷடம்.

 கல்யாணம் ஆனபின் குழந்தைப்பேறு அழகு
முன்னேரே பெற்றால் அசிங்கம்.

கல்யாணம் சுவர்கத்தில் நிச்சயிக்கப்படும் ஆனபின்
வாழ்வோர் நரகத்திலே வாழ்வார்.  

தாய் தாரம் அடிதடிக்கு நடுவில்
ஆட்டநடுவராக இருத்தல் ஆபத்து.�����…