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What You Do When You Get Bored ??

Hi friends,
          This post is quite different from all other posts, its about something which everyone longs for. Its something universal and people will never get rid of it in their life. Someway or in some point of their lifetime one has to undergo this punishment. This punishment universally called to be “BOREDOM”. Fortunately, I have some ideas through which one can enjoy boredom. If you feel like following my ideas, you can. If you think I am nuts, I don’t give a damm… 
Feeling bored, start scratching your head and if possible whole body part by part. No matter if you are not having the feel of itching. Scratching always has its own comfortness.
Open your eyes wide. Do not blink. Try to bring out tears by keeping your eyes wide open. Set time and check how long you can open your eyes without blinking and check when tears roll down your cheeks.
Best way to while away time is think about something which you don’t want to think about, you will start thinking about something which you never ever thought of it. For example, try to think about wood pecker and see what all you can think of. Thoughts really move faster than light, I bet.
Close your eyes and do whatever you feel like doing. Dance, sing, shout, speak, scold, be silent. Anything. Just close your eyes and do it. If you open your eyes and try it,  I am sorry guys, you are MAD.
Try to make a note and check how long you can hold it. Start with a soft voice and end with shouting. This extreme to that extreme. Shout like none exists in this world.
Take a paper and pen. Start with letter A and write whatever comes to your mind, start scribbling. Scribble till the paper gets torn. Search for a dustbin, throw the paper. Start with a new paper.
You are in office and you are bored, I have a solution. Lock the computer, unlock it. Type the incorrect password for two times and type it correctly for the third time. Feeling very bored. Type the password wrongly 3 times, call NSS and reset it. Log off the computer, Log on again. Open all possible application, close it. Switch OFF the monitor, switch ON. Switch OFF the CPU, switch ON.
You want to know what’s pain? Pinch yourself. Pinch softly, little hard, hard and harder. Shout accordingly.
As my friend Harish suggested you can get into lift and press all the buttons and check whether lift is working properly or not. This will be interesting if the floors are more. I will give you another option if the floors are less. Get into a left press immediate floor button. Get out of the lift and get into some other lift and press the immediate floor button. Do this until you get bored of this.
Take your mobile phone, give missed calls to all who are in your contacts. From A contact to Z contact. If they are not responding again give missed calls.
If you find a guy who cannot fight with you or bully you, beat him up. Don’t try this with everyone, you will fall into unnecessary trouble.
You want to know how others feel the pain. Pinch them. Pinch them soft, hard and harder. They will run behind you to pinch you back, you try escaping. You will have fun as well as while away time.
This is especially for DB involved people. If people create views, tables, try to peep into their monitor and find the name. DROP it. They CREATE it, you DROP it. It really works, we tried it. Our batchmate creates tables. We drop it. Most interesting part is don’t tell them that you have dropped it.
Finally, the best way to while away time, to get rid of boredom, WRITE BLOGS as I do. You can really get rid of boring part of your life. I dedicate this blog to everyone who is bored right now like me.
Happy reading and hope you get rid of boredom.


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அஃது ஆணின் மரணசங்கிலி.

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