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Women Unleashed !!!!

Hi Bloggie folks,         
               Here I come up with one more post, a post that is dedicated to whole lot of societies which owns a beautiful creation of this astonishing wonderful world. You may think for a while what that is so called beautiful creation in a so called astonishing wonderful world. I wonder how something like this could be. I still wonder how GOD* created this beautiful creation on this mother EARTH, if God* exists.*Conditions Apply. Yep… The beautiful, adorable creation of “WOMEN” on this planet. This post is all about baby girl, a kid, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a WOMEN. This one goes out to all my women yeah, all of them.         
               I really daze how a human GOD* gives birth to a baby girl and how ‘A’dorable the baby could be. And we call that human GOD* as MOTHER. It really takes my breath away how ‘B’eautiful the baby could be. She is so small looking at this treacherous world without any clue of how it would be. So ‘C’ute she looks at it to make it a safe world in mere future and she really has the ability to do it. She is such a ‘D’arling who grows up like a newly blossomed flower. The kid, she is unaware that she could ‘E’nlighten this whole world. She keeps all her ability hidden, a kid is still a fresh rose which is innocent and ignorant. She is by default becomes a sister to every men in this world, which can be the best part a man can have in his life. Come on guys, now don’t think bad. Except her husband, fine now. Lolz… Sister, a ‘F’abulous relation to a man, as one can say.  She can be the perfect daughter as every mother and father can expect. Every father would expect a girl baby for him, he really feels that she can be the ‘G’arland for the family. The present situation is like they are being ‘H’umiliated, but they are really deserved to be ‘H’onoured. They have the talent to ‘H’ack a man’s brain and we should appreciate it because trying to hack something which has nothing is worth appreciating.  Being a man I should accept that they are little ‘I’diotic, but then they have the ability to become an ‘I’con.               
            She marries a man whom she likes, sometimes and marries a man whom she doesn’t want to, many a times. She becomes a wife, the next level of her life. For every husband, his wife may be a ‘J’oker but in real she is a ‘J’ackpot , I can say. A women, a wife can be your ‘K’ey to your success. She helps you in all possible ways. She may rule your ‘K’ingdom with all her ‘K’osher effort to take men to heights. Women sometimes behave ‘L’unatic but always ‘L’ovable. She is ‘L’ucid and articulate who can act as a ‘L’uminescent in your life. She can work like a ‘M’achine and she can be ‘M’agnanimous. No other higher crown can be given to her if you call her ‘M’other. She can behave ‘N’uisance sometimes but she is real worth to be ‘N’obel prize winner for being a mother. If you want me to express how a woman is in a single word, I could say ‘O’utlandish. I wonder how they are so complicated and complex as no one could ever imagine. Women can be the excellent being who can comfort you all the times. Never bother if you are kid, she can soothe you, teenager, husband, matured, aged – she can comfort you I swear. The best ‘P’acifying being ever on the earth, though they are the sole reason for the grief you have, they can soothe you at the best. A man can proudly introduce a women as his ‘Q’ueen of  his family. She can easily ‘Q’uarantine sorrows of your family make the members joyful. They are the essential part of life who acts like potion which ‘R’ejuvenate  your life to a maximum extent, can keep the presence always fresh. She is ‘R’eliable, ‘R’espectable, ‘R’emarkable, ‘R’eputable , ‘R’oundtable. Oops… Sorry for the last word… Oru flow la vandhuduchu….. She acts as a ‘S’addle so that her family can have a safe and comfortable ride. She is ‘S’upportive, ‘S’uperb,’S’pectacular, ‘S’uperior, ‘S’tylish. She can ‘S’tupefy anybody by any means at any time.          
              Women has a special ‘T’actic to win hearts. She is ‘T’alented, ‘T’winkling, ‘T’weety as anyone could fall for it. She can be the ‘U’ltimate reason for the world to be so beautiful. She can ‘U’plift her family, even the whole society if she wants to. She has the ability to do it.  Women , the ‘V’ibrant force, can turn to be ‘V’ehement if situation tend to arise. She can be ‘V’ivid, ‘V’olatile changing all possible shapes being flexible. She becomes old, when her skin gets ‘W’rinkled, she cares for her children and grand children. She is really ‘W’onderful making the place in which she lives as a ‘W’onderland. I couldn’t even find words in ENGLISH language to praise her. Let me try with the letter ‘X’. Hmmm…. Yeah, got it… All days becomes ‘X’mas eve if women is around you. As a women she can ‘Y’ield all possible heights. She may be ‘Y’atter, but she is cute even in that. She is fully filled with ‘Z’eal and ‘Z’enith.         
             I dedicate this post to all my women yeah, my strong lovely women. Please don’t under estimate her instead encourage her, praise her, help her and love her. Lovely women.
 Thanks for reading and happy reading. 
NOTE:  Disclaimer is only for boys… Girls thanks for reading till above.
DISCLAIMER: The information being available in the post are purely imaginary. Indha post il ulla anaithum muzhuka muzhuka karpanaiye…. !!!


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மனைவி அமைவது இறைவன் கொடுத்தவரம்
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பெண்ணுக்கு கழுத்தில் ஏறும் தாளிசங்கிலி
அஃது ஆணின் மரணசங்கிலி.

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