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Happy Tears !!!!

Hi friends,
         Thank you all once again for continuously reading my posts and giving your valuable comments eventhough you are interested to comment on it. So many posts it has been and all of them were little meaningless and little technical and lots to go with fun. Unlike every other post the one which you are going to read is totally a different one I can bet. Yep.. Ulaga Varalaatril mudhan muraiyaaga Arvind at times being centimental. Now I am going to narrate what happened in particular special day, what happened is the special thing which one usually expect something from friends but never show it out and enjoy the surprise when it actually happens. Puriyala la…. Even I didnt know what I just typed.
          Adhavadhu Aayirathi tholaayarathi moonaavadhu varusham simple ah solanum na 1903, andha varushathuku indha blog ku endha samandhamum ila. He he he… In 1903, India’s first 5star hotel Taj hotel in Mumbai was built. In 1912, India’s capital changed from Kolkatta to Delhi. In 1914, Chennai’s first theatre came named Gaity. In 1967, Tamizhagam state changed its name to TamilNadu. And in October 18, 1987 some 10 stars shined like a diamond in the sky and baby born with a smiling sound as its ringtone. Doctors were amazed to see that kid didnt cry instead smiled. Anaiku andha baby soluchu… “Raaji, un calender la kurichu vachuko. Ne epdi na un vaithula irukum podhu enaku soru potu paalati seeraati valathiyo adhe mari na valandhu saagara varaikum una paalooti seerati paathukala en peru peru peru ( Mind Voice: Oh peru inu vakalaya) Raaji vaithula porandha maanikam ila… (Background Music: Paam pababa papaaam pababa ba paaam ba paaam).
           Anaiku pirandhu valandha kulandhai dhan ungal mun beer kudikum thozhanaaga, prechanai endral ess aagum veeranaaga, christmas Star vaangi maatum Super Star aaga, Ulagame viyakum ulaga nayaganaaga, Che nu sola vaikum chiyaanaaga, Belti adithu treat kekum ultimate star aaga, solavum vaai koosum ilaya thalapathi aaga, mini meals sapdum mini super star aaga, kannigaluku anniyanaaga valam varum meesai vaitha kolandhai ARVIND. For English readers - That day born grown baby is before you like friend drinking beer, if problem comes escaping brave kid, christmas star buying and hanging super star, whole world astonishes world hero, makes people tell che chiyaan, somersault doin treat askin ultimate star, to tell mouth koosing ilaya thalapathi, eating mini meals mini super star, young ladies stranger like roaming and coming moustache keeping baby ARVIND.
             Ooops.. I told it is a centiment post. I am writing all nonsense. Sorry.. Now centiment starts.. Long ago, so long ago, very very long ago there was a day in a month in a year called 18th October,2010. Anaiku ena aachu na, sorry the day before what happened is highlight which is a real suspense. DOT DOT DOT… What reading further…? I told its suspense.. He he he.. Okay okay, dont get irked out. October 17,1987. It was pleasant morning in Chennai, aaah.. when the morning in Chennai is found to be pleasant, it was really a hot morning and in that morning a handsome guy who was rolling on his bed without having the mood to get up and gets up when his dad comes and kicks his  back. As soon as he got up, a text message came from one of his friend called Ravi and here is the message. ” GM, TDY EVE ID? “. Didnt get the msg? Its SMS (SHORT MESSAGING SERVICE). It says ” Good Morning, Shall we go to ID, Satyam today evening? “. I replied, ” GM, S” . I hope you get it right now. Then the day went fine as usual, lots of tensions, lots of work being an important resource in Cognizant, I should be busy right ..? (Chuckles). It was 5.50pm in the evening, same date, same year. Heart wished to leave the cubicle. Manager wished to stay back and work. Mind wished to leave the office. Team Member wished to help her out in her issues. Finally it was around 6.30 and I left the office. Rushed to home and got ready for outing.
              Now, here you should ask a doubt. Its 17th October and its Sunday, who will work on sunday? lolz.. Summa page fill pandrathuku I wrote. I was vetti all the day and was dying for the evening to come. I got ready well before and message came from him “R U RDY?” at 8.30.I replied “S”. Then I begged my sister for Car (Nama gethu koraya kudadhu la) and finally me, two of my friends Veda and Rajatha started to Satyam around 9.30 in the night. Ravi is to join us there in Satyam directly. By the time we parked car and reached ID it was around 10.15 and restaurant closes at 11pm. We had a nice time there and we finished our dinner around 10.50pm and came out. We went to ecstacy besse a ice cream parlour inside satyam campus. We ate pasteries there and it was around 11.30 we finished and were talking in the car park. I was sitting inside the car. Ravi and Rajatha outside talking in milder tone. Ravi, ” Tell him, this is the right time”. Rajatha,” No, He will slap me if I tell it now”. Then finally she decided to tell me. She came near me, got inside the car and told those three words, hearing that I was really shocked. Those three words were…. were…. were…. “Start the car” . Then they asked me to go to my home and I drove the car to my home. There was the surprise.
               It was around 12 when we reached our place. My friend Peen to whom I dedicated my first blog made ready the party, cake and everything. Everyone was wishing me happy birthday and made me cut the cake. They fed me with cakes, hugged me and gave birthday bumps. My eyes filled with tears. Not because of happiness,I couldnt tolerate the pain of bday bumps. I felt really happy and kootam kalanjudhu… Cut pana inoru scene in office around 3.30pm in the evening. They made me cut the cake and my supercool manager did me cake facial and my project team gifted me. I was filled with tears again. This time cake cream went into my eyes.
               Cut pana inoru scene in office cafeteria, it was around 7pm all my batchmates came for me, wished me and made me cut the cake, hugged me and gave bday bumps. Then I realized how many of them are real angry with me. I was really happy that all came to my place spent time with me and made my day really special. My eyes filled with tears again because of birthday bumps. Finally, Arvind celebrated his birthday with all possible people around him who are really special and very close to him. (Arvind wiping his tears while finishing this post).
              Anyway, thanks a lot for all who cares me, wishes me good, helps me live a pleasant and happy life on this beautiful earth. Thank you all friends and enemies. Now, its a dedication time, I dedicate this post to my everloving mother Raaji alias Rajeswari who brought me to this world and special dedication to my friends Rajatha and Peen and my Team Mates who made my day worth a million.
Happy Reading and Thanks for reading.


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