Monday, April 01, 2013

Talk to me..

I just want you in my life..
No need to love me dear..
Not even the love that you give for your friend..
No need to marry me my love..
No need to be my wife baby..
Just talk to me.. Talk to me.. Talk to me.. Talk to me..

Stab me hard with a knife..
Throttle my neck till I struggle to breathe..
Give me poison..
Push me from a cliff baby..
Tie me over rope.. Beat me up till I die.. Just talk to me before you do..
The loneliness kills me..
The life without you kills me..
The absence of your look kills me..
The care I lost kills me..
The love for you kills me..
Baby give me pity death..

But, just talk to me before I die..
Talk to me baby.. Just talk to me..
One last moment..
One last minute..
One last second with you gives the pleasure I could get of my whole life..
Talk to me.. Just talk to me..
Will you talk to me.. ?? Baby..
Will you talk to me.. ?

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