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F@CEB00K !?!?!

Hi Folks,
                It has been a long time, a very long time in fact. After ages, I am updating my blog. It’s quite difficult to find time nowadays. Anyways, this blog is about a stupid, idiot, nonsense, friend, buddy any bloody stuff you want to name it. And now, who is this so called stupid, idiot.
                Can you people guess? Any guesses? Nope. Fine. It’s about FACEBOOK. Yep. I m going to write about this f*^#*@ng  Face Book. Before, I write something about this, I just want to confirm whether I am stupid to use Face Book or it’s the Face Book which is stupid. I still have this question to be answered. Anyone who really could answer my question is most welcomed.
                Face Book. It’s a social network tool in which you can develop SOCIALISM. Lola. You can be in touch with your friends, enemies, well wishers and even GOD. You can update your profile giving all your information so that people around the world can give friend request if he is interested in you. You can upload photos that you have taken recently and share it with your friends. I guess the photos are taken just to cherish memories that are spent at that particular instance. But, this FACE BOOK has converted people to take pictures just to upload it in FACEBOOK. The funny part is people upload only their ugliest picture they can ever have and give heading “My new monkey style”.  The worst part is “STATUS UPDATE”.
                This status update has got lots of thing to do with and that’s the reason I jumped to next paragraph. It has an option to share your thoughts and views. And this is the worst part and best part that FACEBOOK can have. You should see people update their status. Omg..!! Unbelievable. Once I read status saying
 “In restroom, no water. What shall I do?”
 It has also got option for you to comment and like the status. And there were three comments for the above mentioned status. Here it goes.
Comment 1:  Use toilet paper.
Comment2:   We don’t use papers.
Comment3:  Okay, We will see next time.
 After reading this, I didn’t know what to say and how to react.
Another status message says
“I am going to suicide. Confused with many options. Suggest me please.”
58 people “likes” it including the GOD  EMADHARMARAJAN.
254 comments giving various options to die. And one comment says,
“After you die, who is going to use your bike and laptop?”
Really ridiculous. Updating status saying “I am busy”. Yep. Very busy but just found time to update that he is busy. Status says “I fell from terrace while I was updating my FACEBOOK status and broke my finger”. WTF?!? Then with what he is updating his status again.
Some rumor spread like fire. And the rumor was FACEBOOK is getting closed on so and so date. I really was confused thinking what the hell? Will anyone kill the Golden duck which can lay golden eggs? FB has given its owner, big revenue. And the rumor is about closing FB and the reason for closing is real funny I could say. He is closing it because he can’t control too much users. Lola. People gone mad and real crazy hearing this and for this even they update their status.
“Oh dear..!!! Don’t leave me.” (I thought that was for her boy friend)
“How am going to live without you? You can’t divorce me.” (I thought it was for his wife)
“I will die, if FB dies.” (Very Funny)
 and many more….
                People are real mad to play games on FaceBook. The most idiotic game is “Mafia Wars”. You have to click buttons and you will be the King of Mafia. Farm Ville, Develop your farm and people help you in growing it. Omg. Café World – Make dishes and serve the people who comes to your restaurant.  FishVille another !%@% game. And lots more… Next annoying thing is application which has the real dumb questions and answers. One of my friends was interested in knowing his spouse and run on an application “WHO IS YOUR SPOUSE?” He clicked a button and got his spouse name. The answer was “Gopi Krishna’s spouse is Amirtha Deepan.  I was like WTF? He was happy though. Just kidding. :-)  One more application says “When you will die?”. The answer for it is 15-Feb-2011 and the application is checked on 14-Feb-2011. Unfortunate for us and fortunate for him, he is still breathing.
                There are many more funny things happening in and around Face Book. I don’t really understand why people are so much addicted to this FACEBOOK. After updating this post, I would definitely update my status about my blog update. Now, tell me. Is this ADDICTION or not. Am I stupid or the FACEBOOK.


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