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Don't you go away...

Album: Don't you go away...
Author: Freekill's Scribbling
Music: Yet to compose.

Don’t  you don’t you don’t you go away…
Don’t you don’t you don’t you stab my heart..
If you want, I will give you my heart..
But don’t you don’t you stab it hard.. 

The sky has become dark..
The clouds are really fast..
Before they start crying baby, please come to me..
Lets make them happy by just holding our hands…
While they shed happy tears, we shall sink it by just holding our hands..
Just holding our hands…

Baby I love you just like  I love my mom..
Will you love me too just like u love your mom..
I don’t have a choice and I really don’t know why..
You just be my wife and I will make you queen of Gods,,
Why don’t you come here and hug me like a bear.. Baby…

Why don’t you just kiss me..?
Why don’t you just hug me...?
I m already feeling cold,  Why do you have to kill me just by making me so cold…?
You have a reason to hate me.. Baby, I have reasons to love you…
Have a single reason to love me baby.. I ll make them unnumbered..

I know I m not the one… 
Bt I m sure, I can be the one.. 
Jus to love you… Jus be with you.. To look after you.. baby…

Don’t  you don’t you don’t you go away…
Don’t you don’t you don’t you stab my heart..
If you want, I will give you my heart..
But don’t you don’t you stab it hard.. 


  1. Some meaning behind this poem..Can't guess the meaning behind it..But still this poem has some feel in it..

    Good work dude..

  2. ena dhan nee try panalum ....dhanush eh beat pana mudiadhu da

  3. @Peen: Adhuku inoru paatu ready aaagitu iruku...

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