Sunday, June 17, 2012

U Name it.

Hi all,
            Long time no see. Here I come up with a story. I hope you will like it. As it is a formal way to put on a warning board, here it goes. "All the characters in this story are fictious and imaginary. Any resemblance to those who are dead or alive is purely  coincidence." I didn't want to name this story, as I thought and thought and thought and found no name. You can name it, I give the right to you. The name can be anything.. Karthik, Priya, Jessi, Veetaithaandi Varuvaaya, Mokka.. Whatever you feel like naming it. If this story doesn't deserve a name, well then no name. :)

             In a long shot, a boy of 6ft tall running towards the camera shouting "Jillu.. wait.. please.. Jillu.." Guess what ? Hero of the story obviously.. "Karthik, please understand.. My parents came to know about our love. I should go home now. I m afraid what's going to happen. I will call you when things become normal. Till then please don't call me over my phone or try to see me..", voice of a girl who is 5.7ft tall, lean, fairly fair, curly hair, kiddish, naughty, classy figure.. Simple ah solanum na sumaaraana payanuku sooper figure. Her name was Priya, Priya Madhavan. Karthik, "Okay. I won't call you, but you call me whenever it's possible. I  need to know whether everything is going fine or not. Even a msg will do. Please do that atleast."  She left the place saying "Bye, Kats".

             Hours passed. Days passed. Weeks passed. No call, no message. Karthik was down and couldn't resist him from calling her. He wanted to know atleast she is fine. He decided to call her and called her. A girl's voice, "Ungaladhu azhaipai erkavillai. Dhayavuseidhu siridhu neram kazhithu thodarbu kollavum. Your call is not answered. Please try again after sometime." He fell, torn into pieces. He is so much worried about her, so he called her friend Deepana. "Hello Karthik." a low voice and it was as if why the hell he called me now. Karthik's voice trembled. "Hi Deep, I wanted to talk to you for a minute. I know it's not right to disturb you. But, I had no choice. I wanted to know about Jillu.. How is she ? Why is she not calling me or picking up my call ? Is the problem very serious ? Please tell me everything you know". Deep replied " What problem? What are you talking about ? I will talk to her and I will ask her to call you Karthik. Don't worry. I will do that as soon as possible".

            Karthik eagerly waiting for her call since then. One day later, phone rang. Karthik jumping from bed came running hit his toe on a table where he had kept the phone for charge. The name Jillu from his phone made his veins pump faster. Heart beats fast with so much of comfort. He picked up the call." Hello, Jillu.. How are you..? How are things going..? Shall I talk to your parents, if they are not convinced..? What's our plan of action..?", questioned her without even breathing. "Karthik, Karthik, Kaats.. Stop it..", interupted his talk and she continued. "This is not going to happen. We don't make a good pair Karthik. I am too practical and you are not. I m too social and you are not. You will have problem even if I wear a sleeveless. I have my own ambition, desire, expectations. And I can't sacrifice all these just to marry you and spend a life with an dumb @*****e. We will break up. I don't want you anymore in my life. It's done Karthik. It's over now and time to move on". Silence was the conversation between them for some time. Again she broke the silence, "Anything you wanted to say Karthik ?". Silence. "Karthik, You there ?".  Karthik with a breaking voice , "Yes, I m here waiting for you to tell that you were joking, we make the best pair in the universe and I am going to marry you and no one can stop us".  She spoke with strong and determined voice, " Karthik, this is done. Our paths are different. We can't travel in a same direction. This is over.  Please don't call me or try to convince me. Please allow me to lead a life peacefully. Is there anything you wanted to say, I m hunging up."

            "Yes. I loved you, I love you and I will love you. Take care my own Jillu. Ba  bye.", said a breaking voice and hung up the phone all wet with his tears. He should shout loud to match his grief, he should beat up something till his anger shredds away, he should stop his heart beat which beats for her, he should kill himself for he was with her, within her. But, he didnt do anything. He couldn't do anything. He was desperate to see her, talk to her. He felt that he should not have asked her to call him. Atleast, by the thought that she still loves me, he would have lived peacefully. His heart shook, his voice shook, his life shook, the whole ground shook. Yes, it was an earthquake.

            "Dae Karthik, seekaram velila va da... nila nadukkam.. seekaram odi vaa...", a old voice who was his mom shouting from hall banging his room door. Kathik and everyone of his family ran out of their house and waited for earthquake to stop. "Macha, un kadhal thothadhu indha boomiku kooda pudikala da.. Free ah vidu machi.. Ava kadakara.. Ava illana ena oorla vera ponne illaya... Worth e illa machi...", a voice from a guy who was in shorts next to Karthik. He is Karthik's friend, Arjun who stays next to him. Karthik, very confused, "Dae indha matter enake ipa dhaana da theriyum.. Adhukulla epdi da unaku..? " Arjun with wicked laugh, "Machi ohvoru ponnunkum oru feeling. Andha ponuku vera feeling.. Indha maariyellam nadakum nu enaku anaike theriyum. Sari, Kaasu ushaar panu, night sarakadikalaam..". He left the place and Karthik so confused left the place.

             4 years before - Flashback poganum.. But next post la.. Wait for my next update. Happy reading.


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