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“Chitti - The mokka” Story - Part 5

Hi guys,
               Let me move on to the fourth part of the story. If you want to read previous parts of the story, you can read it here. First part - here. Second part - here. Third part - here. Fourth part - here.
              Sujatha got up closing her noes went near the door. Sweat dropped from Angelina's eyebrows to her cheeks rolled down on the tabel. Sujatha touched the knob of the door. The bell rang again. She was frightened. She opened the door and BANG.!!!!

               As soon as she opened the door, she heard the scream "BOOCHAANDI". To her surprise, there stood three young girls who were not like Charlie's Angels but kind of a mental gang, I can say. One stood in the middle was little tall, wearing specks which is real big than her face, her name was Theepika. To her left was Caketha Vandharajan. She was wearing a salwar which has all 256 colors in it, in which green, red, yellow and orange were prominent ones. She is not an ordinary girl. She was born in America, brought up there, studied there and got a Gold Medal, she is the second follower of great BRADLEY. Ofcourse first follower is our TTR Gopi Krishna Murali. ( Avanga America la pirandhu angaye valandhu padichu BRADLEY oda rendavadhu sishyai ah irundhu Gold Medal vaanganavanga). To Theepika's right is a girl who knows eveyone in this world. She is mini world, I can say. She lives next to Obama's house. Sorry sorry... Obama lives next to her. Amitabh Bachan did SHOLAY movie only after getting permission from her, very influential person. Her name was Bunutha Chinnaperumal. Sujatha was surprised to see them and she invited everyone inside. 

              Everyone got introduced to others and were busy talking. Theepika was very much interested in marriage and she was sitting next to Angelina was asking all that had happened and which was about to happen. Angelina was busy boasting of John, saying that he had a plan of marrying her on the fly. Angelina was little sad whe she said that. Caktha and Bunutha asked Angelina why didn't he marry her on the fly. Angelina with crying tone replied them, "He went to all possible Airlines and enquired about their plan. But, all airlines were asking money. We thought it would be for free. But, it was too expensive. We couldn't afford it and that is why we are here". Theepika, " Aama Vadivel maari free ah travel pana kazhutha sethu adichu erakipuda maaatan...", her mind pounded. Caketha caught theepika's mind voice and asked Angelina, "Why didn't you ask your parents for money?".

              Angelina was looking down. Tears rolled down on her cheeks and dropped on the floor which slowly moved. Bunutha thought her parents were no more, came close to her and consoled her. Angelina wiping her face and screaming, Who said I don't have parents? I have two father and two mother and one hubby". Mental Gang screaming, " Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt?". Angelina slowly replied, "Yep, my parents and John's parents. one father plus one father is equal to two father. One mother plus one mother is equal to two mother. I am marrying John, so one hubby. Epdi...?". Caketha was really irritated. " Nala kudumbam da eerula mutna eruma maadhiri", she thought herself. Now Sujatha enters the scene and asks everybody to sleep.

              Every night, a watchman will come to Sujatha's home to look after the house in the night. He doesn't know that guests have come home, he comes only at night and leaves early morning because at night he works as a watchman and during daytime he works as helper in a bunglow. Only two ladies were there in the so called bunglow, those two were twins. They should have born as twin boys but since they are girls they became twin daughters for a man who was very rich but dead because he had borrowed money all over the city. The dead man named them Kathuviya and Pesamaatiya. Kathuviya never closes her mouth. Pesamaatiya aka Kushaanthi never opens her mouth. A helper who helps them is Budhan Oragadam. He is the one who works as a night watchman in Sujatha's place.

              He came to Sujatha's place as usual around nine in the night and was sitting on a chair which used to be near the gate exactly opposite to balcony. everyone slept and there was complete silence. Dogs were barking nonstop. Wind were strong and windows were moving back and forth making such a noise that it would break anytime.  Budhan could hear some noise in the midnight around 11.30pm. He woke up slowly and looked outside, the road was empty only thing he could see was distant street light which is blinking periodically. His heart plunged in fear. He came back sat on his chair and could see a guy in the balcony who was busy with something. Budhan took his stick went up the stairs and got into the balcony. The guy was stood turning that side showing back to Budhan. His head was down and his hands were folded. Budhan got to know that he has come with something real big, got ready with his stick. He slowly walked behind him and jumped on him, started beating him like anything. The guy started shouting couldn't resist the pain.

           Everyone inside came running to the balcony except Angelina. Angelina got up hearing the sound, she felt that the voice was very familiar to her. She tried to wake up John, but John was not in his bed. Everyone stood behind Budhan and was shocked to see the thief. It was none other than Mr.John who stole a piece of Kozhukattai in kitchen, brought it to balcony and ate it like a thief. And the result his whole body was swollen like kozhukattai. They explained who he was to Budhan and he asked sorry for what happened. Everyone was back to bed and the big day arrived.

          Angelina got up so early as it was her day, she couldn't sleep properly. As soon as she woke up she could hear a song, "Pottu vacha malliga mottu, poothiruchu vekkatha vittu". She thought that it was a radio. The song faded and she could hear a guy saying, "Nala kaalam poraka podhu, Nala kaalam poraka podhu... Indha veetla seekarame oru kalyanam nadaka podhu.. Jakkama soldra... ( Good time is about to start... Good time is about to start... Very soon a marriage is going to happen in this house... Jakkamma is telling..)". Angelina came running to the door opened it and could see a short, fat, fair guy wearing all possible color dress and having udukai (drum) in his hand. Angelina with enthu asks him, "What did you say just now?". He replied, " Seekarame indha veetla oru kalyanam nadaka podhu... Na solala thaayi... En aatha jakkamma soldra... (Very soon a marriage is going to happen in this house. I didnt say madam.. My god Jakkama is telling.)". Angelina jumping out of joy, running like a mad dog all over the house and comes back to him, " What is your name and what you want? Tell me.. I will give you whatever you want.?". The guy replied, "My name is Sourav Arundhavaal, I don't want anything madam, just give me ten rupees". Angelina was shocked to hear what he said and replied, " Pathu roovaaya.... Dhidirnu avalo panathuku enga poven?". Sourav really got pissed off left the place singing some sanskrit song. A sweet voice came across her and the song was "Malligaiye malligaye maalaiyidum manavan yaar solu". She looked around and found none. She started humming the song jumped in the house. 

          As soon as she entered the house, a surprise was waiting for her. She opened the door and she was awe struck to see. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She was totally out of this world, and was about to faint after she saw what she saw. Oh my god... It was a real surprise to her, she need to come to real world from where she went after she saw those. She could hear John giving lip sink for the song, "Mayaginen solla thayanginen, nenjam uruginen uyire..."

                                                                                                                         TO BE CONTINUED..... 


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