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“Chitti - The mokka” Story - Part 6

Hi Folks,
                  Let me move on to the sixth and final part of the story. If you want to read previous parts of the story, you can read it here. First part - here. Second part - here. Third part - here. Fourth part - here.  Fifth part - here.

  She looked around and found none. She started humming the song jumped in the house. As soon as she entered the house, a surprise was waiting for her. She opened the door and she was awe struck to see. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was totally out of this world, and was about to faint after she saw what she saw. Oh my god… It was a real surprise to her, she need to come to real world from where she went after she saw those. She could hear John giving lip sink for the song, “Mayaginen solla thayanginen, nenjam uruginen uyire…”
                 Angelina was surprised to see John standing behind the door. He was more surprised to see what he had in his hand. He had Sothys’s Chandramuki pattu - Sambar karai niraindha pattu in his right hand and gold jewels from Princess Jewellery in his left hand. Angelina jumped out of joy seeing this. She ran like a mad all over the house and finally came to John and asked him, “When did you buy this for me ?”. John replied, “Looooooooosaaa de ne…. We are christians and we are going to marry in register office. You should wear white gown which I have ordered for rent. One hour - 2 rupees. This saree and jewels are for your friends, Sujatha asked me to give these jewels to those mental gang and I have to press this saree. I have lots of work. Go to your room, get ready soon”.
                The smile on her face faded and she became sad. Background song, ” Uchi vagudeduthu pichu poo vacha kili, paccha mala pakathula meyudhu nu sonaanga, meyudhu nu sonadhula nyayam ena sellaatha..” Song faded and Sujatha appeared with broad smile. She saw Angelina walking to her room and Sujatha followed her.
Sujatha: What happened Angel?
Angelina: Only angel in my name. See my face. See my complexion.
Sujatha:(Mind Voice:Aama karuvandu maari irundhukitu Angelina va.. Pera paaru… Siriki mava idhula varutham vera… She is like a black bug and look at her name, Angelina.. Siriki’s daughter, she is feeling bad for it.. bloody hell) Color doesn’t matter dear. You are pretty and that’s why you got a boy friend.
Angelina: Boy friend la enaku ila… I have only one fiaancee…
Sujatha:(Mind Voice:Adha dhan de soldren moodhevi… I am also telling the same threedhevi) Ya. I am talking about him only.
Angelina: He is a real hero giving life to me. Even I am a real heroine gifted with my John.
Sujatha: (Mind Voice: Aiyo Raama… Ena en indha maari kazhisada pasangaloda laam kootu sera vakara… Enaku veri vararthukula poidu de… Aiyo Raama… Why are you making me mingle with this drinage waste group… ) I have called a makeup man. He will make much more prettier.
Angelina: Really. Idhuku melayuma azhagu venum? Sari, apadi xtra azhagu kootita andha necklace enakudhaana…?  (Whether I need to be beautiful more than what I am now? Ok, if I add xtra beauty, you will give me that necklace na)
Sujatha: (Getting up quickly) Makeup man might come anytime, be ready. We have to leave around 9.30 from here.
               Sujatha left the place, she took bath and got ready. Everyone was busy making up themselves while Angelina applied full Fair and Lovely tube when someone knocked the door. Sujatha came in with really thin guy with specks, the fan at its speed and he slowly took paper weight from his pocket and kept it in his hand covering it tightly. Sujatha called Angelina while she was busy turning that side wiping whole of Fair and Lovely in a towel.
Sujatha: Angel, this is Mokkaveerappa Mudhugulakatti. He is from Dharnataka. He is my makeup man. He does awesome makeup. He can change young to old, old to young, tall to short, short to tall, fat to thin, thin to fat. I m pretty only because of him.
Angelina: Hi Mookkoavopea……. @!#$@
Sujatha: (Mind Voice: Vaayula varala la vitudu) Call him Cheepak.
Angelina: Hi Cheepak.
Cheepak: Hello Sir.
Angelina: Whaaaaaaaaaaatttt? Sir……? Hulo. What you think of yourself.
Sujatha: Hey hey. Cool down. He was just kidding. (Whispering in Cheepak’s ears–> She is Angelina, a girl and she is the bride.)
Cheepak: Aiyaaaaayaa……. Avana sheee Avala neee….
Angelina: Whaaaat?
Cheepak: Nothing Madam. I will change you to a Dinosour. Chee… Sorry… Darling…
Angelina: Hmmm.. I should be the prettiest girl in this world today.
Cheepak: Vandhu thola… Makeup potu tholayaren…
                Cheepak started showing his talent. Everyone was ready. They were waiting for her make over to get over. One hour past. Two hours. Three hours. Three hours 20 minutes. Cheepak came out stretching his hands hard and he was sweating all over. Background Music playing as, “Ulagamengilum unnai minjuda yaaru, unnai petradhil perumai kolludhe naadu… Ulaga Naayagane… Dinosourai darling aakaiyadhal inaavum unai azhaikum….”  At the back, Angelina was standing. Everyone was eager to see her. Cheepak moved away and they could see a dinosour. Sorry. Darling…. Angelina was stunning. She was weaering white gown which John had ordered. Her face was full of powder, her face turned black to pure white. She had kept a dhristi bindhi on her cheeks. Her hair had been tied with two plates with green and red ribbon.
John: Wow. (The only expression came out from him and he fainted.)
Angelina: Oh. Idhan azhagula mayangardho. (Oh. This is what is called as fainting because of beauty?)
Everyone sprinkled water and made him wake up. As soon as he got up, he went near her. Put both his hands in his pocket and took anklet. He handed it over to her.
John: Idha ne kaala potu Saroja devi mari aadanum, Na M.G.R mari paadanum.
Sujatha: Idhu renduthula edhu nadandhaalum ulagam azhinjudum. 
Angelina: Ne konja kooda koocha padave maatiya da maanamkettavane..
Cheepak: First, I thought she was okay kinds and I thought I could able to make her over. But, After I got a close look at her face, all my opinion fainted like how John fainted. But, I tried my best.                  
                     Everyone got into cars. There were two cars. John and Angelina fought with Sujatha and somehow got a seperate car. Sujatha and mental gang got into another car. Angelina was blinking as if she is going to rob the bank and John was sweating like anything. Car radio sang the song, ” Pei muzhi ne muzhipadhu en? Oru boochaandiyai kandadhu pol bayandhadhu ena?”. John shouted at the driver, “Stop that @%_(&$ Radio”. Driver switched off the radio, but still the song played. They reached the register office. They all got down and Sujatha asked a office boy for the officer. The office boy showed them the way in and there they could see a big table. Beside it was a man with neat attire. His tummy was protruding. He had a Thalaiaati Chettiyar bommai face. They went near him. Sujatha started the conversation.
Sujatha: Hi Sir, I am Sujatha. We have come here for register marriage. Are you Mr. Saanand Sumaar. I have spoken with you over phone.
Saanand: Oh Sujatha. Hi. Yes. Everything is ready. Where are they?
Sujatha: There they are. (Calling them near her, they came running)
Saanand: Ok. Put this garland on your shoulders.
Angelina: How to put this on our shoulders? Should I put mine first or should he?
Saanand: (Onu seiya sona onbadhu kelvi kekara… If we ask her to do one thing, she is asking 9 questions) Do however you like. Now put on your rings.
Angelina: Which finger we should put on the ring? What if it doesn’t fit properly?
Saanand: (Iva enkita midhipate saava pora… I am going to stamp her and kill her.) Use your middle finger.
Angelina: Its not going in. I think, the ring size is small. Shall we use ring finger.
Saanand: (Moodhevi moodhevi…. Adha mudhalaye seiya vendiyadhu dhaana) Yes. Now Sign in this place. Both of you.
Angelina: Why cant we sign here? Why should we sign here? Who else should sign here?
Saanand: Amma thaaye.. Ne engayavadhu sign panu… Aaaala vidu.. I will go back and let me send someone else.
Angelina: Sorry sir. Tell me where I have to sign.
Saanand: Here. All others sign one by one in this place mentioned for whom you are signing for.
                        Everyone else signed and marriage is over. They all thanked Saanand and came out of the office. Song travelled in the air and reached their ears, ” Nooru varusham indha maapilayum ponum dhaan mokka poda ingu vaazhanum. Solaivanathil oru Jodi kuyil pola dhan kaalam muzhuka mokka podanum.” They all left the place. Angelina and John thanked Sujatha for her great help and left to their village. Next six months no contacts. Even the writer of this story doesn’t know what happened.
                        Seventh month after they got married. July 17, 2782. 11.58pm. Long shot la oru hospital name board. “OC Hospital - Naanga irukom”. Camera close up to a window. It was raining and rain drops falling from one kambi to another kambi. Camera close up to a bed. Camera closing up to woman who was lying on that bed. She was shouting in pain. Two nurses holding her hands. John standing next to doctor eating cookies. Doctor consoling her. She was pregnant. She is about to give birth to a child. Camera close up  to her eyes, tears rolling from her eyes running on her cheeks, sweat falling from her forehead to her cheeks, tears sweat mixing mixing. Camera zoomed out. Pale face crying hard and its Angelina… Oh my god. She was dark in that dark room. That’s the reason for the time to recognize that she is Angelina. Background song, ” Chinna Thaai aval, thandha raasaave…. Mullil poo aval….”
                       Exactly on 12.00am, a baby crying came out. Doctor was happy and Angelina was relieved. Nurse took the baby in her hand. She found that the baby is a boy. Nurse kissed her and showed him to his mother. Angelina made him lie on her side and she pampered him. She said, ” En chella kutti………”The baby replied, ” I AM NOT KUTTI…. I AM CHITTI… CHITTI, THE BOMM”. Angelina was shocked and asked what is that BOMM. The boy replied, “I am CHITTI, THE BOMM- Bachelor Of Mokkaikulam Mokka”
                      Curtain falls with background song, ” Oru mootai karithundu, Oru mootai saambal, ondraaga serndha color dhaane en black. Appo naan karithundu.. Yes.. Ippo naan karuvandu..Yes.. Epodhum pachai thamizhan… Ippo naan karunthamizhan… Ada ada asathudhu un style… gada gada pechilum un style…” Angelina and John appearing with their son Chitti and thanking all of them who are involved in thier life and making their life wonderful and beautiful. Song over. Music stopped. Again curtain moves up. There stood a tall, thin guy who is more or less like a drumstick. He got the mike in his hand and said, ” I am Koravind aka A.R.Superman. I am the one who sang all the background songs in this story. I hope you all liked my voice. Thanks for reading this story with all patience”.
                     Crowd roaring ” Hey ivan dhaana andha kazhudha kurala paadanadhu…. Mavane kal edunga da…” Koravind started singing the end song, ” Kadha kelu kadha kelu, sugamana kadha kelu, kadha kelu kadha kelu, John-Angel-chitti-mokka kadhaya neeyum kelu, copy adichu vachadhu pol kadha dhan paaru…”
                     Crowd running towards the exit shouting,” Marubadiyum paada aaramichutaan da odunga da odunga da…. Again he started singing.. oh my god run run…. “ CURTAIN FALLS.
                       THE END.
Thanks guys for reading this mokka story. I know you would be searching me. Anyways. Meet you in next post.. Until then bye…


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